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Chandler, AZ

Environmental Chambers Chandler, AZ – Repair, Installation, and Testing

Darwin Chambers is the leading provider of Environmental Chambers in Chandler. With years of proven and tested industry experience, Darwin Chambers’ engineers can install, maintain, test, and repair a vast selection of environmental chambers to ensure that your operations are performing at peak capacity. To learn more about our methods and capabilities, contact our Environmental Chamber Engineers in Chandler at 877-783-6774.

Environmental chambers provide you with a precise and reliable way to test and control the effects of various environmental conditions on test specimen. When you need precise control over and measurement of factors such as light, temperature, and humidity, you need access to environmental chambers that perform. Allow the environmental chambers of Darwin Chambers to serve your needs and help you accomplish your critical work. We have engineered and designed environmental chambers to help you meet and exceed industry standards, get your products to market, outperform the competition.

Environmental Chamber Maintenance Chandler, AZ

Our preventative maintenance packages ensure that your environmental chamber in Chandler is fully operational at all times. A listing of available services follows. Please note, not all services may be applicable to a specific chamber model or type.

Desiccant Dryer Check-Out
  • Verify no fault indications exist on front panel and that no lights are burned out
  • Check the react outlet air temperature
  • Verify proper operation of damper actuators
  • Verify proper rotation of drive motor
  • Verify process air blower is operational
  • Inspect desiccant wheel for dirt or debris
  • Inspect desiccant wheel gaskets for wear
  • Clean the process air filter
  • Check for abnormal noise or vibration
Control Panel Check-Out
  • Verify that there are no loose wires
  • Measure voltage/amps for all motors
  • Measure voltage/amps for all heaters
  • Verify all alarms function properly
  • Verify window heaters are operational
  • Verify door heaters are operational
  • Verify chamber ceiling lights and light switch are operational
Humidifier Check-Out
  • Verify there is not any mineral deposits
  • Measure voltage/amps of each humidifier
  • Remove any scale build-up inside the humidifier
  • Check water supply pressure
  • Check for any leaks or signs of corrosion
Condensing Unit/Plenum Check-Out
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check compressor oil level
  • Check system operating pressures
  • Check CPR pressure setting
  • Check capillary tubes do not rub
  • Verify no oil traces are present
  • Verify no leaks are present
  • Clean the condenser coils if needed
  • Measure compressor voltage/amps
  • Measure crankcase heater voltage/amps
  • Measure condenser fan voltage/amps
  • Check for any abnormal noise or vibration
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Environmental Chamber Qualification Chandler, AZ

Full Qualification services are typically described in terms of a three-part process.

The Installation Qualification (IQ) is utilized for providing documented verification that all key aspects of the design, procurement, and installation adhere to the design intention.

The Operational Qualification (OQ) provides further documentation that the chamber is operating as intended with its systems and subsystems, as well as all anticipated operating ranges.

The Performance Qualification (PQ) is utilized for providing documented verification that the process does what it is intended to do, in the correct and anticipated manner (normally performed with either a simulated or actual product load in the chamber).

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Environmental Chamber Testing Chandler, AZ – Environmental Chamber Calibration Chandler

Alongside our installation and repair services, we also provide environmental chamber testing and calibration. Environmental Chambers are required to operate at specified levels to ensure that products and operations are protected.

Correct Calibrations hold a critical role in your industry, that’s why our engineers use extremely precise calibration standards. The use of these standards will ensure that your instruments are calibrated to a standard (NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology), in order to meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications.

We also offer tailored services such as loop calibrations or single point calibrations and verifications. Our procedure provides a 3-point “as-found” calibration verification. The “as-found” readings are documented and verified to be within the manufacturer’s tolerance, if found within the tolerances the device is then returned to service. If any instrument exceeds the tolerance, we will promptly notify you, so that you may take the necessary steps to document the event.

Additionally, if the “as-found” readings are not within the manufacturer’s tolerance, the instrument is then calibrated using the manufacturer’s calibration procedure. After completing the calibration, the instrument’s “as-left” readings are documented using the same three points from the calibration verification to ensure the instrument is reading within the manufacturer’s tolerance.

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Environmental Chambers Installation, Calibration and Maintenance Chandler, AZ

Darwin Chambers Custom Walk-In-Rooms offer applications and uses that satisfy the requirement of modern industries in Chandler. All of our Environment Chambers are customizable and can be made to any specifications that a modern industry may need. To inquire about other controlled environment room solutions that we offer to Chandler businesses, please contact Darwin Chambers at your earliest convenience.

FDA/ICH Stability Rooms

  *View Our Stability Room Pricing Special Our stability chambers offer superior environment control for a variety of applications, and are proven to exceed ICH/FDA stability requirements.

Environmental Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company designs, manufactures, installs, and services custom chambers of all types and sizes, for a wide array of applications in Chandler.

Insect Rearing Rooms

We have over a decade of highly specialized experience in insect rearing working with researchers to address their needs for studies involving drosophila melanogaster, lepidoptera, coleoptera, mosquitos and other diptera in Chandler.

Cold Rooms

Our walk-in cold rooms offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications in Chandler; including: GMP Storage and Cold Storage for Seed and Agricultural Products, Nutritional Supplements, and more.


Darwin Chambers Company Freezer Rooms are designed for maximum reliability, efficiency, and stability in Chandler.

Incubator/Warm Rooms

Our walk-in incubators offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications in Chandler.

Plant Growth Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company provides Plant Growth Rooms in Chandler that are engineered for maximum value, sustainability, and conformance with USDA-APHIS standards, as applicable.

Material/Test Cure

Our walk-in Materials Test and Cure Rooms in Chandler offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications.

Archival Storage Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company’s NFPA, GSA, and NARA Directive 1571-compliant Archival Storage Chambers are engineered to provide maximum value, efficiency and conformance with all applicable standards and codes in Chandler.

Altitude Test Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company has teamed up with Colorado Altitude Training (CAT), located in Boulder Colorado, to offer a unique chamber for altitude simulation in Chandler.

Vivarium Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company ALAAC, OLAW, USDA, and NIH-compliant Vivarium Rooms in Chandler are designed for maximum value, sustainability, and conformance with applicable standards.

Drying Rooms

The rapidly expanding industry of medicinal plant cultivation has led to inquiries regarding controlled environment chambers for processes in this field.

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    When your entire operation depends upon the ability to manipulate the environmental conditions, you need the best quality environmental chambers money can buy. Test your products or study your specimen under specific light, temperature, humidity, or other environmental conditions with Darwin Chambers’ line of reach-in and walk-in environmental chambers. Discuss your environmental chamber needs with a Darwin Chambers technician today at 877-783-6774 or reach us online now.