Walk-In Stability Room Special

Chamber Operation:

  • Model # ICH-G1HD-10X10
  • Chamber temperature: 25°C to 40°C.
  • Chamber temperature control at sensor/set-point: ±0.2°C.
  • Chamber humidity: 60%RH to 75%RH.
  • Chamber humidity control at sensor: ±0.3%RH.
  • Note: Temperature and relative humidity specifications assume standard operation in a controlled ambient condition of 72°F±8°F and a dew-point at or below 50°F.Demonstrated performance of similar installations at 25°C and 60%RH (according to mapping performed using 24 type "T" thermocouples, and RH mapping utilizing 8 Rotronic hygroclip sensors in conjunction with a Kaye 2000 validator) has repeatedly been documented with a maximum variance of better than ±0.4°C and ±0.7%RH throughout the storage space, over a recorded 24-hour period. Documentation that we exceed ICH guidelines can be provided upon request.

 Chamber Construction:

  • Chamber size, exterior (actual): 9' 8” W x 9' 8” L x 8' 4" H.
  • Modular panels are 100% poured-in-place polyurethane construction, R-Value 31+.
  • 4” urethane insulated ceiling and walls. All panels  incorporate Ecomate polyurethane insulation.
    (This foam has zero Global Warming Potential and zero VOC's, without sacrificing thermal efficiency.)
  • Panel surface finish: Interior, embossed white aluminum. Exterior, embossed white galvanized steel.
  • Door 36” with keyed entry
  • Floor: Insulated (2" thickness), smooth aluminum or stainless steel surface finish.

Chamber Controls:

  • Controls to be mounted in an automation control panel located per customer instruction.
  •  Fuji PID/Fuzzy Logic Microprocessors for temperature and humidity controls.
  • NIST-traceable 100 OHM Platinum RTD temperature sensor with calibration certificate.
  • Dual display of actual and set point temperature.
  • Solid state control relays wherever possible.
  • High/Low Temperature/Humidity alarms with dry contact remote output, settable in 0.1°C and 0.1%RH increments.

Chamber Mechanical/Components:

  • Condensing unit: One top-mounted unit, capable of cooling room to required conditions. Condenser is designed to run at
    all times to eliminate poor temperature control and uniformity inherent in cycling-type systems.
  • Evaporator/Air Handler: Low profile.
  • Lighting: Vapor-proof LED lighting
  • Humidifier: Darwin Chambers' proprietary ultrasonic humidification system, with UV disinfection.
  • Electric heat regenerating desiccant wheel dryer located on top of chamber

Chamber Inclusions:

  • All materials and freight to jobsite (within the contiguous USA), installation, startup, and documentation by Darwin Chambers Company.
  • Customer responsible for: Taxes, licenses, fees, permits, third party labor, bonds, possible hoisting and/or egress to installation site; site preparation; final electrical connections to customer-supplied fused disconnects; final water and drain connections.

Chamber Quote Conditions:

*Price based upon typical installation within 750 miles of factory (further distances may alter price), factory installation, unconditional jobsite access, and other details as listed within offer. Darwin Chambers Company reserves the right to adjust
prices/offer at any point prior to sale. This offer assumes acceptance of Darwin Chambers standard Terms of Sale.

The Darwin Advantage

All installed instrumentation is calibrated to NIST traceable standards and provided with a calibration form. In-house, factory calibrations are performed using state-of-the-art equipment with great accuracies. These reports are three-point verifications, traceable calibration documents.

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