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COVID Vaccine Storage Freezers

COVID Vaccine Storage Freezers – FS Series

COVID Vaccine Storage Freezers. As the COVID-19 vaccine is being approved for wider use around the world, the need for consistent cold storage in the medical industry has never been more urgent than now. Hospitals and pharmacies need expanded freezer storage capacity to keep the COVID vaccine from spoiling before it is administered to the deserving citizens of the world.

Darwin Chambers offers a full line of COVID vaccine storage freezers with customization options for any space or capacity need. The FS Series storage freezers can consistently hold temperatures as low as -25° C, meeting long-term storage requirements for the Moderna vaccine. All of our FS Series stability freezers are built in the USA to exceed FDA and ICH requirements, with environmentally friendly coolant and a proven Fuji Electric control system. We pride ourselves on service and offer timely quoting, quick lead and construction times, trusted uniformity and precision, and extensive service and support on our -20° C vaccine freezers. Talk to a representative at a proven COVID vaccine storage manufacturer today about your COVID vaccine storage freezer needs.

COVID vaccine storage freezers


The FS011 is a bench top stability freezer chamber. Units can be stacked with optional racking set-up.

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The FS030 is a single-door stability freezer chamber.

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The FS055 is a 2-door stability freezer chamber.

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The FS084 is a 3-door stability freezer chamber.

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Darwin Chambers is proud to act as one of the leading trusted supplier of precision, temperature-controlled freezer rooms like our COVID vaccine storage freezers. Our entirely customizable reach-in freezers offer the perfect COVID vaccine storage solution for organizations and facilities throughout the United States. Speak to one of our helpful associates to get more details on our COVID vaccine storage freezers or to get a quote today. Contact us here or reach us by phone at 314-534-3111 now.