Heated-Humidified Incubators/Ovens

The HH series incubators/ovens utilize heat to maintain temperature from as low as 5ºC above ambient conditions to 70ºC. If your set point is within this range, you should look at the models below for maximum efficiency and cost. The HH series chambers control well within the specifications required by the FDA and ICH for GMP studies. HH Series chambers can be used as pharmaceutical stress test chambers at 50C/75%RH. Examining degradation products under stress conditions is useful in establishing degradation pathways and developing and validating suitable analytical procedures. Running the models below will save you up to 80% in electricity costs vs. a compressor unit from competitors. Additionally, parts are easily replaced since there is no compressor - should you need repairs past the warranty period.

* HT (heat only) series is also available, please inquire for more information.



The HH011 is a bench top heated-humidified incubator/oven. Units can be stacked with optional racking set-up.



The HH030 is a single-door heated-humidified incubator/oven.



The HH055 is a two-door heated-humidified incubator/oven.



The HH084 is a three-door heated-humidified incubator/oven.

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HH Series Features

Why Choose The HH Series

The HH series was introduced in 2003 as the first commercially manufactured large capacity heated and humidified incubator. The HH series incubators are presently in use by research companies around the world.

This superior heated and humidified incubator comes equipped with our exclusive ultrasonic humidification system to generate a cool mist that eliminates hot spots within your chamber, normally associated with steam-based humidification. In addition, when utilized with water that meets out recommended standards, the ultrasonic humidification system greatly reduces required operational and maintenance costs as compared to traditional steam based humidification systems.

Widely Proven, Non-Proprietary Controllers

Standard controllers for the AR Series are manufactured by Fuji Electric and are ideal for archival storage chambers Unlike many proprietary controllers, this controller is commercially available and proven in tens of thousands of installations. Standard functions include: autotuning, fuzzy logic, PID control, programmable alarms, calibration capability, ramp/soak, offset capability, etc. A touchscreen control interface is optional. Other controller manufacturers are also supported (Watlow, Allen Bradley etc.)

Superior Control and Uniformity

The ultrasonic humidification system provides excellent humidity control and avoids hot spots seen during chamber mapping of steam boiler equipped chambers. Standard control at the sensor in these chambers is ±0.2°C and ±0.3%RH.

Services and Warranties

We offer technical support throughout the lifetime of your chamber. In addition to standard warranties, we also offer extended warranties for cooling components, parts and labor. We also provide qualifications, validations and preventive maintenance services at an additional cost. Please ask for a quote.

Options Available

Chart Recorders
Data Loggers
Bench-Top Chamber Capable of Being Stacked