Need Financing?

Environmental Chamber Financing or Leasing

Darwin Chambers has had a relationship with Leaf Commercial Capital for many years.  Leaf is one of the few financing companies that will have the knowledge and capability to finance environmental rooms and chambers.  With turn-around in as little as an hour and soft costs (freight etc.) included, it is a very sound solution.

The benefits of a finance or lease agreement will be apparent in some tax situations, but, in general, companies can maintain working capital and existing credit lines longer by leasing with a buy-out or financing.  Other benefits include:


  • You'll have predictable monthly expenses. You have a pre-determined monthly line item, which can help you budget more effectively.
  • You pay very little up front. Many businesses struggle with cash flow and must keep their coffers as full as possible. 100% financing is common.
  • You're able to more easily keep up with your competitors. This can enable your business to acquire more equipment, such as three environmental chambers, that might be otherwise unaffordable. The result: You're better able to keep up with your competitors without draining your financial resources.
  • Your equipment is deductible. Section 179 of the IRS code lets you deduct the full cost of newly purchased assets, such as environmental chambers, in the first year.    Leaf has been awarded the ELFA 2016 Operations and Technology Excellence Award. If you are interested in finding out more, please follow the hyperlinks below to explore options for your company.