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COVID Vaccine Storage Chambers

COVID Vaccine Storage Chambers

COVID Vaccine Storage Chambers. The storage requirements of the COVID-19 vaccine – whether introducing cold chain storage or expanding current temperature-controlled storage capacity – present a challenge to any health care facility. Facilities are expecting to store thousands of vaccine doses at one time once peak production and availability is achieved. In addition, the delicate nature of many of the coronavirus vaccines means that keeping doses at a consistent temperature is a critical task. Finding the optimal COVID vaccine storage chamber for your needs is thus one of the most important things your healthcare facility can do as the coronavirus vaccine’s distribution grows.

Since 2003, Darwin Chambers has proudly been a leader in scientific environmental chambers and cold storage, including COVID vaccine storage chambers. Laboratories, hospitals, and pharmacies across the world rely on our critical temperature control products every day. We offer a full line of reach-in and walk-in refrigerators, freezers, and stability rooms built to exceed ICH and FDA temperature stability requirements. All our products are built in the USA by certified professionals to exacting standards with easy-to-use controls, precision temperature management systems, and technical support for the life of the unit.

Whether you need a new -20° C freezer for mRNA vaccines, a custom walk-in room big enough to hold thousands of vaccine vials, or just an additional bench-top refrigerator for a new vaccine distribution point, Darwin Chambers can provide the right fit for your unique COVID vaccine storage chamber requirement. We offer short-term contract storage for targeted needs and our optional Quick Ship program can guarantee delivery of your walk-in COVID vaccine storage room within fifteen business days of when you order it. Request a sales quote today or get in touch with a member of our team for more information on our range of COVID vaccine storage chambers.

COVID Vaccine Storage Chambers – The PH Series

The Darwin Chambers PH Series Stability Chambers are designed for performance specifications exceeding ICH and FDA temperature stability requirements that make it well-suited for COVID vaccine storage. All PH series chambers incorporate inherent cooling redundancy, quiet operation, simple serviceability and excellent reliability.

The PH Series from Darwin Chambers was introduced nearly 15 years ago as the first large-capacity thermoelectric cooled pharmaceutical stability testing chamber. The advantages of these chambers for stability or shelf-life storage of vaccines are substantial. We build chambers to meet very specific requirements in a wide variety of industries. The PH Series chambers are our most popular offering for good reasons. These chambers produce exacting results and we provide support for them with timely quoting, quick lead times, reliable insulation, trusted validation services, and superior product support in the future. If you are in need of COVID vaccine storage chambers that maintain exact internal temperatures to keep your COVID vaccine supply safe until administered, Darwin Chambers’ PH Series of chambers is an excellent and widely relied-upon choice.

COVID vaccine storage chambers


The PH011 is a bench top stability chamber designed to fit on 24” benchtops or stacked with optional racking.

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The PH030 is a single-door stability chamber.

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The PH034 is an extra wide single-door stability chamber.

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The PH055 is a 2-door stability chamber.

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The PH084 is a 3-door stability chamber.

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Darwin Chambers is proud to be a leader in providing precise temperature-controlled chambers like our COVID vaccine storage chambers to medical, pharmaceutical, research, and other industry customers throughout the United States. Our reach-in COVID vaccine storage chambers deliver exact temperature conditions for reliable and safe COVID vaccine storage. Speak to one of our helpful associates to get more details on our COVID vaccine storage chambers or to get a quote today. Contact us here or reach us by phone at 314-534-3111 now.