Water Specifications for chambers with Added Humidity

For humidifier-equipped chambers, we recommend use of either Darwin's WFS4 filtration system, or a reverse osmosis system, so that the following water quality requirements are met: conductivity of 0.1 to 10 µS, TDS of < 10 ppm, and 1-10 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) of water pressure. Humidifier water to be provided by owner within 5’ of the chamber and terminated in ½” FPT shut-off valve. Chamber shall utilize ¼” polyethylene tubing from the shut-off valve to the inlet connection side of the humidifier.

Water Filtration System for Humidifier-Equipped Chambers

The water filtration system we use if your building water doesn’t meet our specifications is a WFS4. The WFS4 is a 6-stage Reverse Osmosis filtration system with double DI filters with a 3.2 gallon Reverse Osmosis tank. With a capacity of 10-50 gallons per day, the WFS4 includes spare filters that will provide a 2-4 year supply or 6000 gallon filtration capability. The WFS4 also includes a TDS meter to allow for periodic water quality verifications and a purified water pressure regulator to reduce the outlet water pressure to meet Darwin Chambers specifications.

In addition, the WFS4 utilizes an auto shut-off valve to limit wastewater to 2.5 gallons of wastewater per one gallon of purified water. A 40PSI to 75 PSI regulated inlet water pressure is required for proper auto shut-off valve functionality.
The use of water softening systems using salts should not be utilized pre or post the filtration system. Therefore, use of a water softener will void the chamber warranty.

WFS Spec Sheet

WFS4 Water Flow Diagram

WFS4 Manual

Compressed Air Requirements for Reach In Chambers with Humidity Control

A (customer facility supplied) compressor capable of providing 200 PSI is recommended for use on our chambers, as the chambers themselves require a regulated air pressure of 70 PSI for optimal performance. This air source should be stripped of moisture with some form of dryer or filter to ensure the line does not become saturated with moisture. Additionally, a scroll compressor is recommended for the continued performance and supply of air to the unit, but this is not mandatory. We make no further specifications or other recommendations beyond these items. The air supply connection uses ¼” OD polyethylene tubing.Tanks of compressed air not acceptable

Desiccant Dryer Connection for Reach In Chambers

Desiccant Dryer Connection

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