Insect Incubators

Insect Rearing and Drosophila Incubators

The IN and INR models comprise the Darwin Chamber reach-in chamber models designed for drosophila, insect rearing, and a wide variety of other applications. Both lines boast benefits in serviceability, non-proprietary controls, and superior temperature control. Every insect chamber is built with epoxy coated coils to prevent corrosion from insects, and a secondary safety high temperature cut-off switch to protect insects.

The IN series was introduced in 2003 as the first commercially manufactured large capacity Peltier-cooled insect rearing chamber. Thousands of IN series insect rearing chambers are presently in use by research companies around the world.

The INR series incubators excel as general incubators. These units are ideal for locations where the ambient conditions cannot be controlled very well or there is a live heat load - such as for HPLCs, shakers, or other laboratory equipment. These units will also outperform our thermoelectric units where specifications call for fast “open door” recovery times.

IN Series

IN Series

The IN series chambers are designed with drosophila and insect rearing as the primary application, but can be used for other research studies as wel …

INR Series

INR Series

The INR series low-temp incubator chambers are popular among researchers and are used for insect rearing and many other applications. The INR series …

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