Rental Options


Why not store your critical samples in a place that actually manufactures these chambers and knows how to do it better than anyone else?

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Protect Your Sensitive Samples

Darwin Chambers rents stability chamber space for your critical samples at user-specified temperatures and/or humidity levels.  We have the capacity to store your product in a controlled environment at our accessible, centrally located St. Louis facilities. We monitor the chambers 24 hours a day to ensure they don’t fall out of spec. We also have backup generators to prevent power outages. You tell us what you need and we’ll provide the space. Request a reach-in chamber or controlled environment room depending on how many square feet you require. We provide shelving if needed. Rental contracts for a minimum of six months. Please call or email for a quote. Prices are based on amount of storage space utilized.

Need your samples on-site? Order a reach-in chamber, room, or shipping container chamber that meets your unique needs or ask us about our reach-in chamber leasing options today.

What To Know

  • Control & Uniformity — Our priority is to build equipment that fits your needs. This includes controllers, quiet operations, and always an emphasis on energy efficiency. "Plug and play" setups allow for easy installation and relocation.

  • Repair & Longevity — It's important for your machines to perform (walk-in chambers, reach-ins, etc.). One of our many goals is to provide long-lasting relationships with clients, whether you're part of a university, private lab, or independent.

  • Safety — Safety comes first. We provide reset and shut-down panels for all of our walk-in rooms. This allows our clients to perform the work they need to do with advanced safety systems in place.

  • It's Easy — The experts at Darwin Chambers understand how to create systems that work for you, not against you. Contact our team for more information now.

Call (314) 534-3111 today to get started!