Cannabis Drying Rooms

Curing Room - Drying Room

Darwin Chambers designed and manufactures Curing and Drying Rooms

Cannabis Cultivation is a rapidly expanding industry that requires precisely controlled environmental rooms. Darwin Chambers designs and manufacturers Curing Rooms that are capable of exactly replicating the drying process that is needed to maintain proper levels of cannabinoids and preventing mold and mildew.

The Drying Rooms manufactured and installed by Darwin Chambers can be designed to meet any temperature, humidity level or dehumidification level needed for to ensure the maximum performance of your product. The level of customization that Darwin provides for its Drying Rooms ensure consistency among the different curing sites you may have, regardless of their location or the conditions presented by the location. The Drying Rooms we create are also capable of storing and maintaining the quality of the product for extended periods of time to ensure the consistency and quality of the cannabis plant.

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