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Environmental Chambers – KB Series

Darwin Chambers KB series Environmental Chambers are a top selling unit. It is quiet, easy to clean, highly reliable and ideal for laboratory use. Our environmental chamber offers hot gas bypass control of refrigeration and resistive heat to facilitate reliable, critical temperature and humidity control. All KB series environmental testing chamber models are designed to have a temperature range of 2 to 50Celsius. Temperatures greater than 50o Celsius or lower than 2o Celsius can be achieved with optional upgrades to construction and components. All KB series environmental chambers come standard with Fuji’s PXF4 microprocessor, but we can offer others if preferred. Unlike many proprietary controllers on the market, these controllers are available off the shelf and have been proven in tens of thousands of installations. All necessary functions are included in our Features section below. Many additional options are available both regarding control and recording of data (chart recorders and loggers)


The KB011 is a bench top environmental chamber. Units can be stacked with optional racking set-up.

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The KB011P is a portable benchtop environmental chamber.

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The KB030 is a single-door environmental chamber.

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The KB034 is a wider single-door environmental chamber.

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The KB055 is a 2-door environmental chamber.

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The KB084 is a 3-door environmental chamber.

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KB Series

The KB series chambers feature hot gas by-pass technology which controls the temperature of the epoxy coated evaporator for greater uniformity. Compressors in our KB series of environmental chambers come with a three year warranty - which is one of the longest in the industry. All of these models run with 0.25 - 0.67hp compressors making them efficient enough to run on 15 amp, 110 volt circuits.

Superior Control and Uniformity

The ultrasonic humidification system provides excellent humidity control and avoids hot spots seen during chamber mapping of steam boiler equipped chambers. Standard control at the sensor in these chambers is ±0.2°C and ±0.3%RH.

Widely Proven, Non-Proprietary Controllers

Standard controllers for the KB Series are manufactured by Fuji Electric and are ideal for environmental testing chambers. Unlike many proprietary controllers, this controller is commercially available and proven in tens of thousands of installations. Standard functions include: autotuning, fuzzy logic, PID control, programmable alarms, calibration capability, ramp/soak, offset capability, etc. A touchscreen control interface is optional. Other controller manufacturers are also supported (Watlow, Allen Bradley etc.)

Greatly Reduced Direct and Indirect Energy Loads

The KB Series chambers utilize less energy than comparable stability chambers and introduce less impact upon building cooling systems. This efficiency “dual benefit” allows our chambers to be located in spaces unsuitable for other chambers. Electrical energy savings by the KB series vs. steam boiler equipped chambers can easily amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars saved per year.

Services and Warranties

We offer technical support throughout the lifetime of your chamber. In addition to standard warranties, we also offer extended warranties for cooling components, parts and labor. We also provide qualifications, validations and preventive maintenance services at an additional cost. Please ask for a quote.

Quiet Operation

The KB chambers utilize quiet and highly efficient DC fans. Locating these chambers in laboratory workspaces is a viable option.

Options Available

  • Extended Temperature Range
  • Chart Recorders
  • Data Loggers
  • Bench-Top Chamber Capable of Being Stacked
  • Dryers
  • Full swinging interior glass door (034)