Plant Growth Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company provides Plant Growth Rooms that are engineered for maximum value, sustainability, and conformance with USDA-APHIS standards, as applicable. Our plant growth rooms are modular, reconfigurable, and are offered both as standard and as entirely customizable systems—from panel configuration to available surface finishes, to nearly unlimited lighting and humidification/water distribution options, to movable, adjustable storage and racking/shelving options—we can work to meet each researcher’s unique and specific requirements.

Design and Purpose

  • The PG room is a 1,2 or 3 tier plant growth chamber. The construction materials are well insulated with optimal coatings, come standard with remote interface (programming, data retrieval etc.), and utilize a drop-in refrigeration system for ease of repair. This unit is designed to outlast, outperform, and be easier to maintain.


  • The lighting that is included standard with programmed dimming capabilities to achieve 500-1000 μmol/m2/s (6”) of broad PAR 5000K making this useful for entomology, arabidopsis, tissue culture, C3, C4, cannabis, algae, and general corn, wheat or soybean plant studies. Dimming is “all at once” type. Fixtures are easy to clean, white powder-coated aluminum with robust sealed LEDs. Fixtures are attached to (removable) shelves above and can be manually height adjusted in 1” increments as study needs change.


  • Open wire green epoxy coated steel capable of supporting 600lbs/shelf evenly supported
  • Green Epoxy – Darwin’s Green Epoxy Coated Wire Shelf is an economical solution for high humidity applications. The carbon steel is treated with an iron phosphate base. A hybrid epoxy with an antibacterial agent is electrostatically applied.

Options Available

  • Controls – Touchpad, UPS
  • Humidification and/or Dehumidification w/programmability
  • Window (w/light tight cover), Stainless Exterior or Interior, Custom Sizes
  • Condensate Recirculation, Pan, or Pump
  • Lighting – Broad Spectrum, Custom, Dimmable with Closed Loop Control, T5, T8
  • Cooling – Water Cooled Compressors
  • CO2 Monitoring or Control

Cooling System

  • Industrial grade, top-mount, air cooled hot-gas bypass system is used for extended life and tight temperature control. System is designed to be drop-in for easier repair/replacement. Industry-leading 3-year warranty for cooling components. PG environmental rooms come standard with polymer coated evaporator coils.


  • Please see diagram for airflow designed for minimal plant disturbance and maximum uniformity.

Virtual Touchscreen/Controls

  • Users can view actual value and set point from front of the chamber as the actual PID controllers are placed in this location. The controllers can still be interfaced with or locked out, and only controlled via the virtual touchscreen. The virtual touchscreen is a CE and UL listed feature that can be accessed through the free viewer app (Easy Access) provided from a mobile device or desktop. Normal customer set-ups monitor or program multiple chambers through a phone or PC. Included advantages:
  • Data logging with the ability to verify the integrity of the data via the EASY Convertor tool
  • USB storage up to 32GB can be used for data log files and accessed via web browser or FTP. These files can be emailed daily and weekly
  • Built in 4GB flash memory and RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • Allows for users to be logged in while having different levels of access, also includes an automatic log off function
  • Alarm notification: Preprogrammed email or text (phone carrier name required) will be setup that contains brief trouble shooting help notes and phone number plus link to Darwin Chambers technical support team. Chamber(s) can be named by user to identify which chamber is in alarm. Preprogrammed text and email alarm events able to be categorized to different levels. Email and/or text will also be sent to notify user when chamber goes back into spec and is out of alarm.
  • SD card slot for expansion of storage and one USB hot port and 2 gigabit ethernet ports
  • Programmable temperature and dimming of lights

Click to View Virtual Touchscreen

CSA certified control panel (UL equivalent)

*Personnel emergency alarm: illuminated pull to reset push-button (inside room), control panel mounted visual and audible alarm. Includes glow in the dark label and a glow in the dark antimicrobial pull cord that can trigger alarm when pulled, a life saving feature for injured personnel lying on the floor.

*After reviewing the standard Plant Growth room and installation special below, please contact us if you have any specific lighting, temperature, or room sizing needs.

Plant Growth Room and Installation Special: Request a quote*

Chamber Operation:

  • Chamber temperature: 10°C to 40°C lights on. 4°C to 40°C lights off
  • Chamber temperature control at sensor/set-point: ±0.2°C.
  • Chamber humidity: Available at an additional charge, specify humidity desired.
  • Note: Temperature and relative humidity specifications assume standard operation in a controlled ambient condition of 72°F ± 8°F and a dew-point at or below 50°F.
    Demonstrated performance of similar installations at 25°C (according to mapping performed using 24 type "T"; thermocouples in conjunction with a Kaye 2000 validator) has repeatedly been documented with a maximum variance of better than ±0.4°C and throughout the storage space, over a recorded 24-hour period.

Chamber Construction:

  • Chamber size, exterior (actual): 9'8” W x 9'8” L x 8'2" H.
  • Modular panels are 100% poured-in-place polyurethane construction, R-Value 31+.
  • 4” urethane insulated ceiling and walls. Chamber is floorless. This foam has zero Global Warming Potential and zero VOC's, without sacrificing thermal efficiency.
  • Panel surface finish: Interior, embossed white aluminum. Exterior, embossed white galvanized steel.
  • Door 36” with keyed entry
  • Shelving green epoxy coated wire shelving as shown.
  • Optional Antimicrobial Coating on door handle to reduce the spread of bacteria and pathogens.

Chamber Controls:

  • Controls to be mounted in an automation control panel located per customer instruction.
  •  Virtual touchscreen controller.
  • NIST-traceable 100 OHM Platinum RTD temperature sensor with calibration certificate.
  • Dual display of actual and set point temperature.
  • Solid state control relays wherever possible.
  • High/Low Temperature alarms with dry contact remote output, settable in 0.1°C increments.

Chamber Mechanical/Components:

  • Condensing unit: One top-mounted unit, capable of cooling room to required conditions. Condenser is designed to run at
    all times to eliminate poor temperature control and uniformity inherent in cycling-type systems. Precision Fluid Temperature Control Unit at no extra charge.
  • Evaporator/Air Handler: Low profile.

Chamber Inclusions:

  • All materials and freight to jobsite (within the contiguous USA), installation, startup, and documentation by Darwin Chambers Company.
  • Customer responsible for: Taxes, licenses, fees, permits, third party labor, bonds, possible hoisting and/or egress to installation site; site preparation; final electrical connections to customer-supplied fused disconnects; final water and drain connections.

Chamber Quote Conditions:

*Price based upon typical installation within 750 miles of
factory (further distances may alter price), factory installation, unconditional jobsite access, and other details as listed within offer. Darwin Chambers Company reserves the right to adjust
prices/offer at any point prior to sale. This offer assumes acceptance of Darwin Chambers standard Terms of Sale. Chamber to be installed in a conditioned space.

The Darwin Advantage

All installed instrumentation is calibrated to NIST traceable standards and provided with a calibration form. In-house, factory calibrations are performed using state-of-the-art equipment with great accuracies. These reports are three-point verifications, traceable calibration documents.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Plant Growth Rooms

Why Would You Need a Plant Growth Room?

While there are several use-cases for plant growth rooms and other controlled environmental rooms, researchers and product specialists tend to mostly appreciate the versatility and customization we can offer. See below to learn why:

  • Research and Experimentation: Plant growth rooms provide controlled environments for conducting research and experiments on plant growth, development, and responses to different environmental conditions.
  • Seed Germination: These rooms are essential for seed germination studies, where precise environmental conditions are necessary to optimize germination and growth rates.
  • Crop Production: Plant growth rooms are used for producing crops in controlled environments, allowing for year-round cultivation regardless of external weather conditions.
  • Studying Plant Physiology: Researchers use plant growth rooms to study various aspects of plant physiology, such as photosynthesis, respiration, nutrient uptake, and hormonal regulation.
  • Testing Product Efficacy: Companies may use plant growth rooms to test the efficacy of agricultural products like fertilizers and pesticides under controlled conditions.
  • Education and Training: Plant growth rooms are valuable tools for teaching plant biology, environmental science, and agricultural techniques in academic institutions and research organizations.

What Are Plant Growth Rooms?

A plant growth room, also known as a growth chamber or phytotron, is a specialized facility used in scientific research to create and maintain controlled environmental conditions for plant growth and experimentation. These rooms are equipped with precise temperature, humidity, light, and air pressure controls to simulate specific growth conditions, allowing scientists to study plant responses under varying atmospheric scenarios.

Key elements controlled within plant growth rooms include:

  • Temperature: Maintaining a stable temperature is crucial for controlling plant metabolism, growth rates, and developmental processes. Plant growth rooms can replicate a wide range of temperature conditions, from sub-zero temperatures to tropical heat, depending on the research requirements.
  • Humidity: Controlling humidity levels ensures optimal moisture conditions for plant growth and prevents desiccation or excessive water uptake. Different plant species have varying humidity requirements, and plant growth rooms can adjust humidity levels accordingly.
  • Light: Light is a critical environmental factor that influences photosynthesis, photoperiodism, and plant morphology. Plant growth rooms are equipped with artificial lighting systems that mimic natural sunlight or provide specific spectra of light to meet the needs of different plants at various growth stages.
  • Air Pressure: Although less commonly controlled than temperature, humidity, and light, air pressure can also be manipulated in plant growth rooms to simulate specific atmospheric conditions, such as high-altitude environments or controlled carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations.

Plant growth rooms play a vital role in agricultural research, enabling scientists to conduct controlled experiments, assess plant responses to environmental stressors, and study factors influencing crop productivity and quality. These facilities facilitate the testing and validation of plant strains, allowing researchers to predict growth patterns, assess yield potential, and anticipate crop performance under diverse climatic conditions.

What Are Plant Growth Rooms Used For?

Common applications for plant growth rooms include:

Plant growth chambers are designed to replicate precise environmental conditions to study optimal plant growth. Equipped with evenly spaced interior fluorescent lamps, these chambers ensure uniform and balanced light distribution. Advanced control systems regulate humidity and temperature levels with precision, maintaining a consistent climate over extended periods. These simulation devices yield reproducible results and are easy to clean.

Most plant growth chambers utilize T5 fluorescent and halogen incandescent bulbs. Temperature is controlled within a range of 10-45°C with an accuracy of +/- 0.5°C, alongside humidification and dehumidification control.