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  • Walk-In Chambers

    Make the right choice and buy Darwin high quality medical cannabis drying chambers. Our chambers are routinely used for GMP studies and conform to the guidance documents. They are also NSF, food grade safe. But if you choose the lower priced vendor, it’s ok, we will be here and happy to work with you on your second time around, when the industry may require conformance!

  • Stability Chamber - PH030

    Top selling pharmaceutical chamber in the market right now is the PH030. This unit holds a tight temperature and relative humidity control and has the longest warranty in the industry, with a 7 year warranty on the thermoelectric cooler.

  • Portable Heated Incubator – NQ Plus Series

    New NQPlus Series incubators are heated at 37°C and perfect for winter transportation of your samples. Keep them warm and protected while you travel, with our new durable design. Battery pack option is perfect for field work or when needing heat while away from a traditional power source. We have other sizes available as well.

Provider of Environmental Chambers and Cold Storage

Darwin Chambers manufactures, installs and services environmental chambers, environmental rooms, cannabis drying rooms, laboratory incubators, and stability testing chambers. This website provides normally stocked environmental testing chambers, stability chambers used in the pharmaceutical industry, and temperature controlled incubators. You will also find stock laboratory refrigerators, cannabis drying rooms, laboratory freezers, insect growth chambers (or insect rearing chambers), freeze thaw chambers, concrete curing, seed storage, evidence storage, and thermal cycling chambers. In addition to these models, a custom reach-in chamber or walk-in environmental room can be made to your specifications.

Reach-In Chambers

Introduced as the first large capacity thermoelectric cooled pharmaceutical stability testing chamber. Presently in use by hundreds of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, medical device, and research companies around the world.

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Walk-In Chambers

Our Walk-In environmental chambers offer the ultimate in environmentally controlled storage space. Darwin Chambers offers a wide variety of configurations to meet your specifications, in addition to consulting for custom enclosures.

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Gorilla Glue





Novo Nordisk



Avery Dennison

Battelle National Biodefense Institute

US Army

Cardinal Health



Cornell University





Ohio State University

University of Florida

University of Missouri

Texas A&M



Millipore Sigma







Sealed Air









Procter & Gamble




University of California



Johnson & Johnson




Russell Stover

Estée Lauder



Cordis Corporation

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Brown University

Chamber Services by Factory Trained Darwin Chambers Employees

Whether you need your environmental chambers repaired, qualified, scheduled for calibrations or preventive maintenance, Darwin Chambers is capable of ensuring your needs are met using in-house employees, not outside contractors.

Technical Support via Video Call



Darwin Chambers Company offers a thorough preventive maintenance package to help protect your investment and provide peace of mind.
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We understand the critical role that calibrations have in your regulated industry, which is why we use extremely precise calibration standards.
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For purposes of clarity, validations are referred to throughout the corresponding literature and relevant documentation as qualifications, due to the fact that we are specifically engaged in assisting our clients with their Validation Process.
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Service Plans

Service Plans

Whether you need your environmental chambers repaired, qualified, or scheduled for calibrations or preventive maintenance, Darwin Chambers is capable of ensuring your needs are met promptly, professionally, dependably, and are budget friendly. See More

Darwin Chambers Features

  • Trusted Industry Leaders

    Over 20 years of experience in providing rooms of varied complexity, highly efficient, eco-friendly technologies and systems.

  • Specialized Customer Service

    Skilled, knowledgeable staff, to ensure that we ask the right questions, and have a complete understanding of our customer’s needs as well as all other regulations, requirements, and project considerations and constraints..

  • The Highest Quality

    An industry-leading seven-year warranty on our thermoelectric system for reach in's. Available extended warranty and preventive maintenance agreements, to most locations within the contiguous USA.

  • Quick and Easy Setup

    Entire cooling systems can be installed and replaced, quickly, with simple tools - no refrigeration tools or certified technicians necessary.

  • Elegant Designs

    We have the capability to offer the best operational fit for your specific requirements—while typically providing systems that are the most efficient, sustainable, and competitively priced, as well.

  • Customized Solutions

    Flexibility and an expert engineering and design team, to provide innovative and highly customized solutions, in addition to our standard product.

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    Free 24/7 technical support via phone or e-mail, throughout the lifetime of your Darwin Chambers product.

  • Temperature & Humidity Control

    Exceptional temperature and humidity control due to proportional microprocessor control.

  • Precision Fluid Temperature Control Unit

    A proprietary indirect cooling system for walk in's. It utilizes a combination of refrigeration technologies, propylene glycol/water heat exchange technologies, and the latest temperature control methods in order to out perform conventional refrigeration systems.

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