Stability Refrigerators

Stability Refrigerators

Stability refrigerators. Darwin Chambers offers top-notch stability refrigerators that can be customized to cater to the needs of researchers in any industry. Our specialized refrigeration units are designed to create a controlled and stable environment for conducting stability studies. Through stability testing, you can accurately assess the product's shelf life, identify potential degradation mechanisms, and optimize formulations or packaging. This data is vital for keeping up with regulations and quality assurance, and can help you make informed decisions regarding your product.

Darwin Chambers has been a trusted and innovative provider of stability chambers for over 20 years. We offer cutting-edge technology and customizable solutions to meet your specific requirements, whatever and wherever they are. Call Darwin Chambers today at 877-783-6774 or contact us online for a free quote to discuss your stability refrigerator needs.

Applications of Darwin Chambers' Stability Refrigerators

Stability refrigerators play a vital role in various industries, offering a wide range of applications for researchers, universities, and any company evaluating a product under specific conditions. Our stability refrigerators are commonly found in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical industry — Stability refrigerators provide controlled environments to assess the stability of drug formulations. Stability studies help determine shelf life, degradation mechanisms, and storage conditions for pharmaceutical products. Stability refrigerators enable researchers to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure product efficacy and safety.
  • Cosmetics and nutraceuticals — Stability refrigerators allow for long-term testing of cosmetics and nutraceutical formulations by assessing the product's stability under different temperature and humidity conditions. Stability refrigerators aid in optimizing formulations, determining expiration dates, and ensuring product quality and effectiveness.
  • Medical device industry — Stability refrigerators test the durability of medical devices by enabling researchers to evaluate the effects of temperature and humidity over time. Stability testing helps identify potential issues related to materials, functionality, and sterility. These refrigerators ensure that medical devices remain safe and effective throughout their intended shelf-life.
  • Research institutions and universities — Stability refrigerators provide controlled environments for long-term storage of samples, reagents, and specimens and ensure sample integrity over extended periods. These refrigerators contribute to accurate and reliable research outcomes in diverse scientific disciplines.

Stability refrigerators are indispensable tools across multiple industries. Darwin Chambers' stability refrigerators are specifically designed to be highly customizable to cater to the unique requirements of each, customer, regardless of what industry you're in.

Darwin Chambers Provides ST Series Stability Refrigerators

Our ST series of stability refrigerators are a common product among laboratory researchers looking for exceptional precision and virtually unlimited customization options available.


Our ST series of stability refrigerators range from portable benchtop units to larger, 3-door units. They all offer:

  • Temperature range of 1° C to 15° C.
  • Control of temperature at sensor of ±0.2° C
  • Uniformity inside chamber of ±1.0° C
  • Standard Microprocessor Controller with PID
  • Autotuning
  • Programmable alarms
  • Ability to ramp/soak
  • Process variable and setpoint variable offset
  • Dual display of actual temperature and setpoint temperature (process variable and setpoint variable)

The controls are able to be quickly exchanged for future upgrades or repair. If you have different specifications, probes, microprocessors, or any other equipment, we can modify to meet your needs. All of our stability refrigerators come with:

  • Quiet operation through highly efficient DC fans
  • Extended warranties for stability refrigerators and key components
  • 24 hour assistant throughout lifetime of the stability refrigerator
  • Widely proven, non-proprietary Fuji Electric controllers with optional touchscreen control interface (other controller manufacturers are also supported)
  • Standard control of ±0.2°C, well within specifications required by FDA guidance and ICH guidelines for GMP studies
  • Optional ad-ons including:
    • Data logging
    • Chart recorders
    • Touch screen controls

All of our work comes with warranty guarantees and documentation backed by our performance and efficiency guarantees. What our team offers is a complete peace of mind backed that has been relied upon by a variety of industries. Scroll to the bottom of the page for details on your specific sizes and units.

Why Choose Darwin Chambers for Your Stability Refrigerator

Darwin Chambers stands out as a leading provider of stability refrigerators, offering numerous benefits to researchers in a variety of industries. Here are some great reasons to choose Darwin Chambers for your stability testing needs:

  • Customization options to meet specific research requirements — We understand that that every research project is unique. That's why we offer customization options to tailor stability refrigerators to your specific needs. Whether it's adjusting the capacity, adding specialized features, or integrating advanced monitoring systems, we work with you to get you the unit you need.
  • Innovative technology and industry expertise — Darwin Chambers stays at the forefront of technological advancements in stability refrigeration. We continuously innovate our products to provide cutting-edge technologies, and we work to understand needs of stability researchers as they evolve.
  • Reliability, accuracy, and consistency in maintaining testing conditions — Darwin Chambers' stability refrigerators are engineered for reliability and accuracy. We know you can't take risks with your research, so we don't take risks with quality.
  • Compliance with international standard and regulations — Our stability refrigerators adhere to and exceed international guidelines and regulations. By choosing Darwin Chambers, you can have confidence in meeting the strict requirements set by regulatory bodies and industry standards.

Darwin Chambers' Support and Service

When you buy from Darwin Chambers, you get more than just a machine. We offer exceptional support and service accompany our stability refrigerators, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. Here's what you can expect when choosing Darwin Chambers as your stability testing partner:

Warranty and Maintenance Options for Ongoing Reliability

Darwin Chambers offers comprehensive warranty coverage for our stability refrigerators, including (subject to change in contract):

  • 2 years all parts
  • 1 year labor
  • 7 years thermoelectric cooling unit
  • 3 years compressor

Additionally, we provide maintenance options to ensure ongoing reliability and performance of the refrigerators.

Dedicated Customer Support and Technical Assistance

Darwin Chambers takes pride in delivering top-notch customer support. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is ready to assist you throughout the lifetime of your stability refrigerator. Whether you have questions about installation, operation, or troubleshooting, our experts are just a call or email away, 24/7.

After-Sales Service and Assistance with Calibration and Validation

Darwin Chambers understands the importance of accurate calibration and validation of stability refrigerators. We provide guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Darwin Chambers is committed to building long-term relationships with our customers, offering support and service that goes beyond your initial purchase. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through the quality of our products and our expertise.

Call Darwin Chambers for Your Stability Refrigerator Today

Ensure the integrity, reliability, and quality of your products with Darwin Chambers' stability refrigerators. Whether you're conducting stability studies, evaluating shelf life, or testing product durability, Darwin Chambers has the expertise and solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact Darwin Chambers today to learn more about our stability refrigerators and discover how we can be your stability testing partner. Call us at 877-783-6774 or contact us online.



The ST011 is a bench top stability refrigerator designed to fit on 24” benchtops or stacked with optional racking.



The ST030 is a single door stability refrigerator.



The ST034 is a single-door stability refrigerator providing extra cubic feet designed for maximum capacity while still allowing passage through most …



The ST055 is a two-door stability refrigerator.



The ST084 is a three-door stability refrigerator.

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