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Reach-In Stability Refrigerators Cancun, Mexico. Darwin Chambers has been a leader in designing, producing, installing, and servicing reach-in chambers and controlled environment rooms for since 2003. We know that, regardless of what you're testing or storing in Cancun, Mexico, the integrity of your research and specimens is of the utmost importance, and that you need precise and reliable units in order to maintain that integrity. That's why we are constantly innovating and creating new ways to help scientists and pharmaceutical companies in Cancun, Mexico, nationwide, and across the world succeed. Our reach-in stability refrigerators have proven ideal for researchers who need outstanding precision and virtually unlimited customization options available. Call Darwin Chambers today at 877-783-6774 or request a free quote online.

Our reach-in stability refrigerators are ideal for the following fields in Cancun, Mexico:

Darwin Chambers' Cancun, Mexico Reach-In Stability Refrigerators

All of our units have precise temperature capabilities 2°C to 15°C, with a control ±0.2°C and uniformity inside the unit within 1.0°C. Our units have a PID controller with autotuning, customized alarms, ramp/soak capabilities, process variable offset, and dual display of actual temperature. The controllers are all able to be easily changed for enhancements or repairs. As always, if you have different specifications or parts, we can probably do it.

Depending on the model, all the doors are either stainless steel or powder-coated. Our antimicrobial handles reduce the spread of pathogens, even many of the most contagious ones.

The following options are available:

  • Data Logging
  • Chart Recording
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Full swinging class door (ST034)
  • Magnetic latch door handle with lock and two keys (ST011 and ST034)
  • Tracelock electronic/audit capable locks

Our Refrigeration and Electric Systems

The accuracy and dependability of our reach-in stability refrigerators is due to:

  • Unmatched temperature control because of our persistent refrigeration bypass system
  • Refrigeration system factory balanced with CFC-free 134A refrigerant
  • Top-mounted condensing unit
  • Factory pre-engineered capillary tube system with oversized condenser and evaporator to decrease product pull and to consistently maintain Stability Chambers for Your Cancun, Mexico Research

    Our reach-in stability refrigerators not only satisfy, but exceed FDA and ICH regulations for GMP studies. Choosing Darwin Chambers also offers the following advantages:

    Technical Support

    After your unit is installed free, 24/7/365 customer support as long as your Cancun, Mexico reach-in stability refrigerator lasts. When you call us, you will be talking to properly certified professionals, proficient at diagnosing what the problem may be, going over technical details, and offering custom solutions to our clients.

    Services and Warranties

    Any reach-in stability refrigerator you buy comes with our standard reach-in warranty, which includes (subject to change per contract):

    • 2 years all parts
    • 1 year labor
    • 7 years Thermoelectric Cooling Unit
    • 3 years compressor

    We will either repair or replace any part that proves defective when we are at fault.

    Quiet Fans

    Our reach-in stability chambers are built with quiet, very efficient DC fans. This means your unit can be kept in a laboratory setting in Cancun, Mexico without interrupting your work.

    Non-Proprietary Controllers Proven to Work

    Our standard controllers are Fuji Electric controllers, we believe are perfect for reach-in stability refrigerators. This controller is on the market and proven in tens of thousands of units. Standard functions include autotuning, fuzzy logic, PID control, programmable alarms, calibration capability, ramp/soak, and offset capacity. If you'd like, they can also include a touchscreen control interface. If you already had a different controller in mind for your Cancun, Mexico needs, we're more than happy to install that on your unit.

    Our Services

    Beyond our free customer support, we offer various other services that are separately billed to Cancun, Mexico fields. These include:

    As we are headquartered in the center of the country, our technicians can be onsite promptly and have experience with many different systems.

    Who We Are

    We are an independently owned that manufactures all of our products in the United States. We partner with Energy Star and United Nations Global Compact to not only make great environmental chambers but support the environment as well.

    We also offer the following services to our Cancun, Mexico clients:

      Cancun, Mexico Reach-In Stability Refrigerator | Darwin Chambers

      Whatever your research needs in Cancun, Mexico, trust in Darwin Chambers to give you the amazing temperature control you need from your reach-in refrigerators. All of our chambers satisfy and surpass industry regulations, and we can also abide by universal codes such as NSF, FM, FM-4880, UL, UL-508A, CSA and ISO certifications. Our future-proof technologies mean that you will be able to use your Darwin reach-in stability refrigerator in Cancun, Mexico for years to come. Call Darwin Chambers today at 877-783-6774 or contact us online.



    The ST011 is a bench top stability refrigerator designed to fit on 24” benchtops or stacked with optional racking.



    The ST030 is a single door stability refrigerator.



    The ST034 is a single-door stability refrigerator providing extra cubic feet designed for maximum capacity while still allowing passage through most …



    The ST055 is a two-door stability refrigerator.



    The ST084 is a three-door stability refrigerator.

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