Darwin Chambers


Both Reach-ins and Walk-ins can be purchased or retrofitted with TraceLock.


100 series TraceLock

The 100 series TraceLock is a keyless, non-networked, electronic access control solution for almost all the reach-in and walk-in models we sell. This unit mounts externally and provides access control and an audit trail.

  • Audit trail of last 1,500 access attempts with date, time and user name
  • 250 user/supervisor codes
  • Use existing identification cards – TraceLock® reads magstripe Track 2 and HID® cards, eliminating the need to buy new cards.
  • Motor driven latching mechanism
  • 4 or 6-AA battery pack; Alkaline batteries recommended (included)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Jump start 9-volt battery power port allows the user, with a valid credential, to access the TraceLock® when the batteries are exhausted
  • Audible alarm bolt system
  • Standard RJ11 communications port for audit trail download with optional TraceLock software
  • TraceLock300

    300 series TraceLock

    Provides network monitoring and access control for stability storage applications. Users can communicate with the TraceLock® through facility network either by a wireless 802.11g system or by Ethernet connection. Software (Optioinal Network Version) allows access to any TraceLock from any PC on the network. Many configurable options including: PC/TraceLock update frequency (i.e. audit trails), adding/deleting users, email & SMS (Short Message Service) provider allows for text message, fax and voice notification system, and low battery notification.

  • 3,000 users/supervisors codes
  • w/software provides an Audit Trail of the last 15,000 access attempts; including date, time and user name
  • Four modes of access: Keypad, Proximity card* HID or iCLASS HID, Magstripe card* (Track 2) *Uses existing identification cards
  • Motor-driven latching mechanism provides the convenience of automatic relocking
  • Complies with Joint Commission standards and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

  • Optional TraceLock software package allows:

    • Add, edit, view, and delete users or supervisors and their credentials
    • Add, edit, and delete other TraceLocks
    • Assign access rights between users and supervisors with TraceLock in the database
    • USB or network connection (requires network TraceLock)
    • Download, view, save, print, archive and delete audit trails
    • Dual credential access available
    • Set real time clock
    • Time based access restrictions
    • Create user groups
    • Windows based system

      Popular options include:

    • HID Prox Supervisor Card
    • Magstripe Supervisor Card
    • Software Kit
    • HID Proximity Tags
    • Custom Stike
    • Installation Services