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Plant Growth Chambers Las Vegas, NV

Plant Growth Chambers Las Vegas, NV. Plants grow. It is in their nature to do so, and they adapt to and make use of the conditions of the environment around them. However, the conditions in nature are always changing and not always ideal for prolific plant growth. And sometimes, prolificacy is not the goal. Whatever the the ultimate goal, when you work with plants, an exact and controllable environment is an absolute necessity. Whether the goal is to produce high volumes of healthy plants or to discover the effects of a certain hormone on the growth of a plant, you must have a precise and consistent environment that you can only get from the highest quality Las Vegas, NV plant growth chambers. For dependable, steady, and simple-to-use Las Vegas, NV plant growth chambers, turn to Darwin Chambers. Talk to us now about the plant chamber that is best for you at 314-534-3111.

Las Vegas, NV Plant Growth Chambers Functions

Plant growth chambers in Las Vegas, NV are used to create a controlled environment with precise conditions, which is necessary for volume plant growth and production and in the testing of environmental conditions on test specimen. Quality plant growth chambers in Las Vegas, NV are an absolute requisite for any work related to plants and plant growth. You must have Las Vegas, NV plant growth chambers that not only allow you to manipulate and measure surrounding environmental conditions, but that also promise consistent, reliable performance to yield valid data or avoid productivity declines. Darwin Chambers builds a number of different plant growth chambers for Las Vegas, NV organizations and researchers that promise exact control and maintenance of conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, and others. Whether you are producing large numbers of crops; researching how a certain product affects plant production; or measuring plant topics like seed germination, plant pathology, plant tissue cultures, plant genetics, or other plant behaviors, our you can get the reliable, precise environment you need from your plant growth chambers in Las Vegas, NV. Our multiple lines plant growth chambers, both in reach-in and walk-in models, surpass requirements from the industry authorities including the USDA/APHIS, FDA, ICH, and GMP. Select the right plant growth chambers for your Las Vegas, NV application below or contact us for help finding the right plant growth chambers for you.

Plant Growth Chambers Las Vegas, NV – Our Models

Darwin Chambers has created plant growth chambers for your Las Vegas, NV applicationwith both reach-in plant growth chambers and walk-in models. Our chambers are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions and can be extensively customized. We have the right plant growth chambers for your Las Vegas, NV setting, whether that is a small bench-top model or a large and ADA compliant plant growth room. Learn more about our various plant growth chambers below.

PG Series – Plant Growth Chamber Reach-In Models

The Darwin Chambers PG Series of plant growth chambers is a stock design with a variety of opportunities for customization. These units are designed specifically for plant growth and are highly reliable and easy to maintain. The units come standard with high-performing temperature and humidity controls and are heat resistant. The reach-in line is available as a bench-top, double door, or triple door upright model. However, our popular PG034 (shown below) can be modified with the specific dimensions you require. Order the exact plant growth chamber you need in Las Vegas, NV, complete with any custom options you need.

The PG line of plant growth chambers incorporate many top-of-the-line technologies and features such as hot gas by-pass technology which provides greater temperature uniformity via the epoxy-coated evaporator. We provide a three-year warranty on chamber compressors. Within the PG line of plant growth chambers, we manufacture the following models:

  • PG011 – The PG011 is our smallest model, perfect for a 24 inch benchtop or on a rack for stacking.
  • PG034 – The PG034 is a single-door incubator which offers designed for maximum capacity while remaining at a size that can fit through most commercial doorways.
  • PG068 – The PG068 is a large double-door plant growth chamber that provides researchers further growing room to meet large-scale operation needs.

Plant Growth Chamber Walk-In Models Las Vegas

If the smaller, reach-in chamber models of our PG line don’t suit your needs, we also manufacture plant growth rooms, engineered for maximum value, easy maintenance, and satisfaction of USDA/APHIS requirements. These fully customizable rooms are modular and reconfigurable with countless additional options. Each of our Darwin Chambers rooms, including our plant growth chambers, are fitted with comprehensive safety equipment including an illuminated emergency personnel alarm. Find more information about the features and safetly mechanisms of our Las Vegas, NV plant growth chamber walk-in rooms here.

Other Features of Plant Growth Chambers Las Vegas, NV

Superior Control and Uniformity

The ultrasonic humidification system provides excellent humidity control and avoids hot spots seen during chamber mapping of steam boiler-equipped chambers. At the sensor, our temperature and humidity controls are at ±0.2°C and ±0.3%RH.

Widely Proven, Non-Proprietary Controllers

Fuji Electric manufactures the standard controls for the PG Series. Unlike proprietary controllers, ours is proven and used in tens of thousands of installations. Standard functions include autotuning, fuzzy logic, PID control, programmable alarms, calibration capability, offset capability, etc. A touchscreen control interface is optional. If you prefer a specific manufacturer controller, our equipment supports many others and can easily be fitted with the controller of your choice.

Greatly Reduced Direct and Indirect Energy Loads

We have engineered the PG Series chambers to be more energy-efficient while introducing less strain on your building’s heating and cooling systems. This gives you the added option of using our chambers in smaller enclosures that other chambers can’t manage. Your facility will see much less in utility costs when operating one of our chambers.

In addition to the excellent features listed above, our plant growth chambers offer a long list of advantages to Las Vegas, NV users. As a Darwin Chambers customer, experience:

  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Minimal energy usage and lower energy bills
  • Various options for threshold barriers
  • Customizable designs
  • Many additional options and capabilities
  • Accessible and ADA compliant
  • Precision and controls that surpass FDA, ICH, and GMP restrictions

Darwin Chambers Products and Services

We also engineer and produce a wide range of environmental chambers and other products, listed below. Call 314-534-3111 to receive a quote or learn more about our products.

FDA/ICH Stability Rooms

  *View Our Stability Room Pricing Special Our stability chambers offer superior environment control for a variety of applications, and are proven to exceed ICH/FDA stability requirements.

Environmental Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company designs, manufactures, installs, and services custom chambers of all types and sizes, for a wide array of applications in Las Vegas.

Insect Rearing Rooms

We have over a decade of highly specialized experience in insect rearing working with researchers to address their needs for studies involving Drosophila melanogaster, Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, mosquitos and other Diptera in Las Vegas.

Cold Rooms

Our walk-in cold rooms offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications in Las Vegas; including: GMP Storage and Cold Storage for Seed and Agricultural Products, Nutritional Supplements, and more.


Darwin Chambers Company Freezer Rooms are designed for maximum reliability, efficiency, and stability in Las Vegas.

Incubator/Warm Rooms

Our walk-in incubators offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications in Las Vegas.

Plant Growth Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company provides Plant Growth Rooms in Las Vegas that are engineered for maximum value, sustainability, and conformance with USDA-APHIS standards, as applicable.

Material/Test Cure

Our walk-in Materials Test and Cure Rooms in Las Vegas offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications.

Archival Storage Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company’s NFPA, GSA, and NARA Directive 1571-compliant Archival Storage Chambers are engineered to provide maximum value, efficiency and conformance with all applicable standards and codes in Las Vegas.

Altitude Test Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company has teamed up with Colorado Altitude Training (CAT), located in Boulder Colorado, to offer a unique chamber for altitude simulation in Las Vegas.

Vivarium Rooms

Darwin Chambers Company ALAAC, OLAW, USDA, and NIH-compliant Vivarium Rooms in Las Vegas are designed for maximum value, sustainability, and conformance with applicable standards.

Drying Rooms

The rapidly expanding industry of medicinal plant cultivation has led to inquiries regarding controlled environment chambers for processes in this field.

Plant Growth Chambers Las Vegas, NV Manufacturer | Darwin Chambers

You need and deserve the best plant growth chambers available in Las Vegas, NV. Darwin Chambers can meet that need. Whether you are looking for a reach-in plant growth chamber model or a fully custom walk-in plant growth chamber room for your organization or business, Darwin Chambers is the top source for quality products. Our engineers and technicians have worked tirelessly to ensure that our plant growth chambers in Las Vegas, NV are efficient, precise, and custom-designed to fulfill your specific plant growth chamber needs in Las Vegas, NV.

Contact us today to discover all our plant growth chambers can do for your Las Vegas, NV organization. Speak to one of our knowledgeable associates to choose the most suitable plant growth chambers, models, and options for your Las Vegas, NV application. When you order, you can be confident in what you are buying. Our products, services, and work are guaranteed by warranties and documentation. For many years our customers have relied on and trusted us to meet the needs of their varied industries. Below is a brochure detailing a few of our capabilities and services.