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Darwin Chambers is a manufacturer of environmental chambers, environmental rooms, laboratory incubators, and stability testing chambers.  This website provides normally stocked environmental testing chambers, stability chambers used in the pharmaceutical industry, and temperature controlled incubators.  You will also find stock laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, insect growth chambers (or insect rearing chambers), freeze thaw chambers, and thermal cycling chambers.  In addition to these models, a custom reach-in chamber or walk-in environmental room can be made to your specifications. 

Environmental Room Walk-InChambers come standard with 300 series stainless steel fronts, brushed finished aluminum sides and back.  Darwin Chambers carries full stainless exterior and interior models as well.  Casters are standard on every stand-up chamber.  KB series environmental chambers, PH series stability chambers, DB series incubators, stability refrigerators, and insect growth chambers all come standard with Fuji PXR4 microprocessors.  Customers can also add options such as timed lighting, glass doors, chart recorders, dehumidification systems, remote PC control, temperature and humidity data loggers, CO2 control, and access ports. 

Stability ChambersFor most applications, Darwin Chambers uses a normal refrigeration system with a hot-gas bypass to achieve desired cooling performance in our incubators, environmental chambers and rooms.  This system is reliable and has been in service for decades.  Most of the environmental chamber manufacturers use this system.  However, if you are trying to maintain temperatures greater than 15°C and less than 60°C, you should look into our thermoelectric stability chambers.  These stability chambers have been designed for reliability, performance, and ease of service.  As a bonus, they are more reliable, quiet enough to go into the lab (as quiet as a home refrigerator), have better uniformity, and are easier to repair.  Also, they put out less total heat than a normal refrigeration compressor system -sometimes making an air conditioning upgrade unnecessary.  Thermoelectrically cooled environmental chambers can be found in the stability chambers section due to their usage supporting the ICH/FDA conditions such as 25°C/60%RH, 30°C/65%RH, and 40°C/75%RH.  However, if you are adding a significant heat load or are wanting a temperature below 20°C, the compressor-type refrigeration units will be a better fit for your application.  For situations requiring a wider temperature range, please see the DB series incubators and KB series environmental chambers.  Due to their limited cooling capacity, thermoelectric cooling components are also not suitable for walk-in environmental rooms.

Other specialty applications for chambers include:

  • ambient storage chambers for the aerospace industry
  • energy efficiency testing chambers
  • concrete curing rooms
  • moisture curing rooms
  • photograph storage rooms
  • film storage chambers
  • polymer storage chambers
  • electronic burn-in testing
  • machine testing enclosures
  • Lexan enclosures for bench top testing
  • roll-in bottle incubation chambers
  • industrial dry rooms and dry chambers
  • entomology rearing rooms and chambers