Introducing the Shipping Container Controlled Environment Room

Darwin Chambers is immensely proud and excited to bring a brand new, one-of-a-kind offering to the scientific community: controlled environment rooms inside mobile shipping containers!

Now you can have a full-sized environmental control chamber on-site wherever your project is located. These shipping containers can be designed as concrete curing and material test/cure rooms or as stability rooms.

These mobile, full-size material test/cure rooms and stability rooms can act as an extension of your permanent facilities for additional space and flexibility or can act as mobile rooms for maximum convenience and efficiency when your work takes you to another site.

Learn More About our Shipping Containers

Request a quote for your own concrete curing room or stability room inside a shipping container today or speak to our team at (314) 534-3111 or to discuss your unique needs and how we can design the perfect shipping container or permanent controlled environment room for you.

Inside a Shipping Container Concrete Cure Room

Take a look at our new shipping container concrete test/cure room in action from the inside!

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