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CCN 2023 Carbon Emissions | Carbon Reduction & Neutral Shipping

Posted by Darwin Chambers on March 29, 2024

CCN 2023 Carbon Emissions | Carbon Reduction & Neutral Shipping

Last year, we partnered with UPS to help reduce the global carbon footprint.

The Carbon Neutral Shipping program is an environmental option for businesses wanting to offload their carbon costs/emissions for the environment and everyone living on this planet. Carbon neutral shipping is a small cost designed to support:

  • Reforestation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Methane & Landfill Gas Destruction
  • Wastewater Treatment

Climate change has been on the radar for UPS for years--and they have since considered alternate ways to partner with companies like our own to improve efficiency standards. At Darwin Chambers, it's important for our organization to support environmental moves that attribute to positive change.

Helped by the SGS--a recognized inspection, testing, and verification agency--it's our job to bring clean energy into your world.

So far, we have helped mitigate more than 5.7 metric tons of CO2 throughout 2023.

Addressing climate change is a major priority. Our partnership with UPS helps support projects that offset any emissions generated during transportation. We're more than proud to play our part.