Vaccine Cold Chain Storage

Vaccine Cold Chain Storage

Vaccine Cold Chain Storage. The COVID-19 vaccine, and its requirements for safe transit and proper handling to prevent spoilage, have highlighted the importance of proper cold chain shipping and storage in the medical realm. Medical facilities are considered the "last mile" of the vaccine cold chain: products go from their original temperature-controlled source, are transported via refrigerated trucks, train cars, or in special cooling containers within cars, and are then handed off to local providers to properly store until it is administered. Each class of COVID-19 vaccine has its own vaccine cold chain temperature requirements as well. More traditional vaccines, such as the AstraZeneca or Janssen vaccines, can be kept at higher temperatures than mRNA vaccines such as the Moderna (which requires the use of -20° C vaccine freezers) or the Pfizer vaccine which has even more stringent vaccine cold chain storage protocols.

For more than fifteen years, Darwin Chambers has proudly been a leader in scientific environmental chambers and cold storage - including vaccine cold chain storage. Laboratories, hospitals, and pharmacies across the world rely on our critical temperature control products every day. We offer a full line of refrigerators, freezers, and stability rooms built to exceed ICH and FDA temperature stability requirements. All our products are built in the USA by certified professionals to exacting standards with easy-to-use controls, precision temperature management systems, and technical service for the life of the unit.

Darwin Chambers vaccine cold chain storage products are designed to be the ideal "last mile" piece in your community's vaccine cold storage chain. Our vaccine storage freezers and vaccine storage refrigerators range from small bench-top units to full cold room solutions. Our line of freezers can hold temperatures as low as -25° C, making it ideal for storage of the Moderna vaccine, as well as 4° refrigerators that are approved for the AstraZeneca and Janssen candidate vaccines. Best of all, they're backed by 24/7 customer service and an industry-leading seven-year warranty on their thermoelectric cooling systems. A Darwin Chambers representative is ready to discuss your COVID vaccine cold chain storage chamber needs and how our proven line of precise temperature-controlled products can help your facility safely bring the COVID vaccine to your community.

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For nearly two decades, Darwin Chambers has been the leading trusted supplier of precision, temperature-controlled freezer rooms like our vaccine cold chain storage chambers and rooms. Our commitment to excellence gives you peace of mind in your vaccine cold chain storage product needs. We are proud have supplied organizations and facilities throughout the United States with their various cold chain storage needs throughout the country. Speak to one of our helpful associates to get more details on our vaccine cold chain storage or to get a quote today. Contact us here or reach us by phone at 314-534-3111 now.