-20° C Vaccine Freezers

-20° C Vaccine Freezers

-20° C Vaccine Freezers.The success of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines has opened up a new frontier in vaccine development: mRNA vaccines. Long in development and finally brought to prominence due to the coronavirus pandemic, mRNA vaccines can create immunity by sending instructions into your body's genetic code to produce harmless versions of the "spike proteins" found on the surface of viruses. While the potential of these vaccines is no doubt exciting, they come with some of their own unique challenges. Probably the most notable hurdle to mRNA vaccine distribution is that they have to be stored at much colder temperatures than traditional vaccines.

For many of the promising COVID-19 vaccines, storage requires low temperatures. While the Pfizer vaccine calls for an extremely low temperature unopened, it then must be stored for several days in 2-8° C before administration. The Moderna vaccine remains stable for up to 30 days at a maintained temperature of -20° C. This makes our FS reach-in series of COVID vaccine storage freezers and our custom COVID vaccine freezer rooms well-suited for your vaccine storage needs. All come standard with temperature abilities of lower than -20° C with a control tolerance of +/-0.5° C. Our stability freezers are the -20° C vaccine freezers you need.

For more than fifteen years, Darwin Chambers has proudly been a leader in scientific environmental chambers and cold storage. Laboratories, hospitals, and pharmacies across the world rely on our critical temperature control products every day, including our selection of -20° C vaccine freezers. We offer a full line of refrigerators, freezers, and stability rooms built to exceed ICH and FDA temperature stability requirements. All our products are built in the USA by certified professionals to exacting standards with easy-to-use controls, precision temperature management systems, and technical service for the life of the unit.

Darwin Chambers -20° C vaccine freezers are your best bet for future-proof mRNA vaccine storage. Our FS Series stability freezers offer environmentally friendly refrigeration systems with easy-to-use controls and short defrost cycles. They have the ability to hold temperatures as low as -25° C and are compatible with both the current R404a refrigerant standard as well as the newer and greener R448a and R134a refrigerants. Darwin Chambers -20° C vaccine freezers have almost endless customization options, making them perfect for storing the COVID-19 vaccine as well as future mRNA vaccines that require -20° C storage. Talk to a Darwin Chambers representative today or request a quote for a crucial piece of vaccine storage for both now and moving forward.

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Darwin Chambers is proud to be a leader in providing precise temperature-controlled chambers like our -20° C vaccine freezers to medical, pharmaceutical, research, and other industry customers throughout the United States. Our -20° C vaccine freezers, available in a variety of sizes and custom options from the bench-top to three-door reach-in COVID vaccine storage freezers to our vaccine storage freezer rooms deliver exact temperature conditions for reliable and safe COVID vaccine storage. Speak to one of our helpful associates to get more details on our COVID vaccine storage chambers or to get a quote today. Contact us here or reach us by phone at 314-534-3111 now.