Plant Growth Chambers-PG011


  • Entire cabinet structure and doors insulated using foamed-in-place CFC-free polyurethane foam.
  • Two 2" I.D access ports, one on each side, with access port cover and insulation plug located on plug located on side wall of the chamber.

Refrigeration System

  • 3 year warranty on compressor. Compressor designed to be "Plug and Play" for ease of repair.
  • Unsurpassed temperature control through continuous refrigeration bypass system.
  • Refrigeration system factory balanced using CFC free 134A refrigerant.
  • Top mounted condensing unit.
  • Factory pre-engineered capillary tube system with oversized condenser and evaporator to reduce product pull down time and to consistently maintain interior cabinet temperature (non-adjustable capillary tube system superior to problematic expansion valve).
  • Evaporator - coated at the time of manufacture to eliminate the potential of corrosion
  • Varying heat removal options exist - remote condensors, water cooled, etc.


  • The lighting that is included in the PG011 is standard with programmed dimming capabilities to achieve 150-2000 μmol/m2/s (8”) of high PAR spectrum light output making this useful for entomology, arabidopsis, tissue culture, C3, C4, cannabis, algae, and general corn, wheat or soybean plant studies. Dimming is “all at once” type. Fixtures are attached to (removable) shelves with an adjustable hanging system.
    • Efficient LED lighting dimmable between 10% and 100% in 1%increments
    • Less heat generated from power waste than comparable HID or fluorescent lamps
    • High quality photosynthetically active spectrum targeting plant growth
    • LED lighting uses less energy and has a longer operation life than traditional lighting
    • Combination 3000K, 4000K, and 660nm ultra efficient diodes


Virtual Touchscreen/Controls

Users can view actual value and set point from front of the chamber as the actual PID controllers are placed in this location. The controllers can still be interfaced with or locked out, and only controlled via the virtual touchscreen. The virtual touchscreen is a CE and UL listed feature that can be accessed through the free viewer app (Easy Access) provided from a mobile device or desktop. Normal customer set-ups monitor or program multiple chambers through a phone or PC. Included advantages:

  • Data logging with the ability to verify the integrity of the data via the EASY Convertor tool
  • USB storage up to 32GB can be used for data log files and accessed via web browser or FTP. These files can be emailed daily and weekly
  • Built in 4GB flash memory and RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • Allows for users to be logged in while having different levels of access, also includes an automatic log off function
  • Alarm notification: Preprogrammed email or text (phone carrier name required) will be setup that contains brief trouble shooting help notes and phone number plus link to Darwin Chambers technical support team. Chamber(s) can be named by user to identify which chamber is in alarm. Preprogrammed text and email alarm events able to be categorized to different levels. Email and/or text will also be sent to notify user when chamber goes back into spec and is out of alarm.
  • SD card slot for expansion of storage and one USB hot port and 2 gigabit ethernet ports
  • Programmable temperature and dimming of lights

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