Portable Chambers

All portable chambers now CE and UKCA marked

Darwin Chambers Portable Incubators NQPlus Series have several uses, such as:

    • Transporting Blood Samples
    • Water Treatment Research
    • Maintaining Microbiological Cultures for Cell Research

All of our portable chambers are now and marked. The new NQPlus Series removes the possibility of blood and/or dangerous chemicals getting into the component case. Our newer secure latch lid provides safer sample transportation and prevents accidental openings. As an added option, we have incorporated lightweight Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology to power the unit on battery power alone. This will be useful anywhere a 120V or 12V power supply is not available. For longer periods of time, extra battery power can be added if required for your incubator needs.


  • Top-opening, hinged and latch lid, with durable handles
    for easy carrying and transportation.
  • Exterior: Double wall foam insulation, Seamless high-density polyethylene, Foamed-in-place closed-cell insulating material.
  • Interior: One-piece molded poly with coved floor for ease of cleaning.
  • Unit completely pre-wired at factory, and includes a 12VDC car adapter shown
    below and AC/DC power supply cord.

Depicted above is the NQ30Plus


  • Heat only with a High/Low temperature cut off.
  • Hinged and latch lid allows for a more secure transportation.
  • NQ30Plus, NQ50Plus, and NQ72Plus attached oversized drain plug allows easy cleaning
  • Standard, redundant high temperature over-ride.
  • Ruggedized interface panel.
  • Redundant power inlets.


  • Precision Liquid-In-Glass Verification Thermometer, 15/50C. NIST Traceable.
  • Test tube rack
  • Attached document pouch
  • Battery pack (details listed below)
      • Allows the NQ30Plus incubator to operate approximately 15 hours without need for an external power source at 23-23.5C Ambient.
      • The NQ16Plus incubator runs for approximately 14 hours at 23-23.5C Ambient.
      • The NQ09Plus incubator runs for approximately 14 hours at 23-23.5C Ambient.
      • Ultra-lightweight. Less than 1/4 the weight of comparable lead-acid battery.
      • The battery pack is approximately 3" (7.6cm) in additional width and weighs 3.75 lbs (1.7 kg).
      • Incredibly long life.
      • Lightweight Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries proven rugged
      • Li-Fe batteries are the standard type of batteries chosen for motorcycle
        and automobile racing due to their weight, output, and reliability.
      • Safe. Unlike other lithium based batteries, Li-Fe batteries are not
        susceptible to overheating and spontaneous fire. Unlike lead-acid batteries, there is no lead or acid to worry about.
      • Includes battery charger and cables.


    Model Interior Dimensions (US) Exterior Dimensions (US) Weight (US) Interior Dimensions (METRIC) Exterior Dimensions (METRIC) Weight (METRIC)
    NQ09Plus 5.2" H, 10.6" W, 7.5" D 10.7" H, 13.1" W, 9.6" D 4 lbs, 11 oz 13.2 cm H, 26.9 cm W, 19.1 cm D 27.2 cm H, 33.3 cm W, 24.4 cm D 2.1 kg
    NQ16Plus 6.1" H, 12.8" W, 8.9" D 12.5" H, 16.9" W, 12.3" D 8 lbs, 2 oz 15.5 cm H, 32.5 cm W, 22.6 cm D 31.8 cm H, 42.9 cm W, 31.2 cm D 3.7 kg
    NQ30Plus 10.3" H, 12.5" W, 10.5" D 20" H, 21.4" W, 15.7" D 15 lbs, 9 oz 26.2 cm H, 31.8 cm W, 26.7 cm D 50.8 cm H, 54.4 cm W, 39.9 cm D 7.1 kg
    NQ50Plus 10.6" H, 23.6" W, 11.6" D 15" H, 28" W, 14.7" D 18 lbs, 4 oz 26.9 cm H, 59.9 cm W, 29.5 cm D 38.1 cm H, 71.1 cm W, 37.3 cm D 8.3 kg
    NQ72Plus 12.4" H, 25.6" W, 13" D 17.5" H, 29.8" W, 16.7" D 22 lbs, 4 oz 31.5 cm H, 65.0 cm W, 33.0 cm D 44.5 cm H, 75.7 cm W, 42.4 cm D 10.1 kg
    Battery Pack N/A Approx. 3" Additional Width 3 lbs, 12 oz N/A Approx. 7.6 cm Additional Width 1.7 kg

    Below is a NQ16Plus with Battery Pack Option installed. 

    Photo depicts the NQ7Plus with both attachable cords (included with purchase): use either the AC/DC power supply cord or the 12VDC car adapter to power the unit.  Battery pack option also available, please see below. 


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