Ultrasonic Humidification

Ultrasonic Humidification

Why Ultrasonic Humidification is important:

  • Saves 93% on operating costs at 25 degrees Celsius
  • Has less heat output- room air conditioning loads are reduced
  • Is more reliable and operation can be checked visually
  • Diminishes localized hot and cold areas within the chamber leading to less condensation issues
  • Is maintained or repaired easily by operators even with limited skills
  • Runs at almost no noise level
  • Reduces maintenance and costs

Humidified chambers typically have a pan of water that is heated with electricity or an element sprayed with water creating steam. This leads to heat being introduced into the chamber as well as imprecise addition of humidity. Mineral scale build-up is also quick. In conditions with dewpoints close to the actual temperature, this creates supersaturated localized conditions and lead to condensation in the chamber at conditions where there should be none ( for example 40 degrees Celsius and 75% RH).

Our systems add humidity through an ultrasonic vapor generator. We can turn it off and on in mere seconds. It doesn't generate any heat. It doesn't overshoot or continue to add humidity past the set point. It doesn't collect mineral scale. However, they do require replacement of inexpensive titanium ceramic discs every 10,000 hours of use - which most users do themselves. We also suggest the hook-up of deionized/distilled water or use of reverse osmosis units (we sell these). Otherwise, mineral scale build-up will occur in the chamber.