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Walk In Chamber Survey

Darwin Chambers Customer Satisfaction Survey

Darwin Chambers is committed to customer satisfaction and would like to know how well we're doing. Your answers will help us to identify areas needing improvement. Thank you for your time and comments. If you have questions about this survey, please contact Rebecca Fassler at (314) 534-3111 or rebecca.fassler@darwinchambers.com

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Location (City / State)
What is your Chamber Application?
Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with our company?
Did the installation meet or exceed your expectations?
How is the performance of your environmental room(s)?
How would you rate the construction quality of your room?
What were the names of the Darwin Chambers Technicians at your facility?
Did the technicians arrive on time to your facility?
Did we meet the time line requested?
How well did the technicians present themselves?
How well did the technicians clean up their work area upon completion?
How would you rate the value of your money spent?
How responsive has our team been to you throughout the process of working with us?
If a team or department was not applicable with your chamber process please leave
Sales Person:
Submittal Process Team:
Project Management Team:
Was your submittal process exchange done in a timely manner?
How long have you been a customer of our company?
If the need arises, how likely are you to purchase any of our products again?
Would recommend Darwin Chambers to a friend or colleague?
Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?