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Test Chambers in Waco, TX

Test Chambers in Waco, TX. Also called environmental test chambers, test chambers are vital for researchers in a variety of fields who seek to test the integrity of their products or specimens. You need to know if they can maintain their integrity climatic changes, temperature and humidity changes, and other stress. For more than two decades, Darwin Chambers has been a leading designer and manufacturer of test chambers for a variety of different Waco, TX researchers. If you're search for the highest-quality test chambers, speak to a Darwin representative at your earliest convenience at (314) 534-3111 or contact us online.

What Are Test Chambers?

Test chambers are specially constructed boxes or cabinets used to how specific conditions affect products or biological specimens. The precise environmental settings of a test chamber allows researchers to accurately replicate conditions while being able to get exact readings. Charles F. Conrad designed the first environmental test chamber in 1951, after working as a refrigerator repairman, by purposing his home freezer to allow for temperatures as low as -87℃. He sold it to General Motors Heat Treat Lab, who quickly asked Conrad to make another two.

In the years that have followed, hundreds of manufacturers have developed test chambers that simulate more than just cold, from extreme heat, humidity or dust-filled environments.

In addition to temperature and humidity, test chambers can also be used to control other aspects of the environment, such as air pressure, atmospheric composition, and even electromagnetic fields. By controlling these factors, Waco, TX researchers can create environments that would be impossible to duplicate outside of a test chamber.

Darwin's Test Chambers in Waco, TX

Darwin Chambers initially introduced our stability chambers to Waco, TX researchers over 20 years ago as the first large-capacity thermoelectric-cooled pharmaceutical test chambers. We've been innovating ever since, combining our technologies and our creative spirit to deliver precise and reliable chambers that are ideal for researchers no matter what they're studying. Some of our most popular test chambers in Waco, TX include:

  • Environmental Test Chambers — One of our best-selling products, our environmental chambers are quiet enough to keep in a laboratory setting, easy to clean, highly reliable, and well-suited for laboratory use, offering unequaled environmental control. Standard units can reach temperatures as low as 2℃ or as high as 50℃, and more extreme temperatures can be reached through optional upgrades to components.
  • Stability Test Chambers — Our stability test chambers are designed to surpass FDA and ICH requirements. Thousands of our stability chambers are presently in use by many pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, medical device, therapeutic pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical stress testing, and other research companies both in Waco, TX and around the globe. Other popular stability options include stability refrigerators and stability freezers.
  • Concrete Curing Chambers — These are ideal for adhering to the strict testing guidelines of concrete, asphalt, and other materials common in construction and engineering. Contrary to most of "testing" currently on the market, these chambers offer unmatched construction and results.
  • Altitude Test Chambers — We partner with Colorado Altitude Training (CAT), located in Boulder, Colorado, to offer a one-of-a-kind chamber for altitude simulation. Our system can reduce the oxygen levels from 20.9% to 15.2%, while keeping the pressure consistent. Our altitude chambers have been used by the U.S. Speed Skating Team, Harvard University, Doha Sports Hospital, College of William and Mary, Mayo Clinic, Ironman World Champions among others.
  • Freeze/Thaw Test Chambers — These are well-suited for Waco, TX scientists who need ramp/soak programming. These units allow you to determine how your product will react under extreme conditions. During the freeze/thaw cycle your product is put through numerous different temperature fluctuations that it may encounter during its lifespan. It is highly customizable in terms of varying the freeze and thaw temperatures, duration in the freeze and thaw parts of a cycle, and overall number of cycles per day. These Freeze Thaw chambers are ideal for ASTM materials testing, as well as testing for drugs, food and beverage, and cosmetic products. Temperatures can extend from -25℃ to 50℃.
  • Heated-Humidified Incubators/Ovens Our HH Series chambers are ideal for pharmaceutical stress testing at 50C/75%RH. Temperatures range from 5℃ to 70℃, and offer superior control and uniformity. Our exclusive ultrasonic humidification system eliminates hot spots in the chamber and greatly reduces required operational expenses.

Looking for a different chamber in Waco, TX that you didn't see above? You can every model of reach-in chambers here. Every model comes in a variety of sizes, from smaller benchtop models that can be stacked to one, two, and three-door models. For more storage capacity and/or increased customization, read about our controlled environment rooms.

Other controlled environment rooms and reach-in chambers we offer in Waco, TX include:

Why Choose Darwin For Your Test Chambers in Waco, TX

Our main objective is providing our Waco, TX clients with testing and storage solutions that fit your needs while being very energy- and cost-efficient. When you order an environmental test chamber from us, you have access to friendly and knowledgeable technical support 24/7. Beyond building the highest-quality test chambers, we offer a variety of services throughout the lifespan of your chamber, including preventive maintenance, calibration, validation and qualification, and service plans.

As an industry leader, we strive to get to know our clients. We offer extended warranties to most clients. If you are looking for an environmental test chamber in Waco, TX, contact to Darwin Chambers today for more information. Call Darwin today at (314) 534-3111 or inquire about a free quote.

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