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Pharmaceutical chambers in Minneapolis, MN. Darwin Chambers has developed a reputation among Minneapolis, MN pharmaceutical researchers for our reliability, the performance of our FDA/ICH chambers and rooms, and the expertise of our technicians and support staff. We know how crucial accurate and dependable pharmaceutical storage is for Minneapolis, MN companies involved in the research, storage, and/or transportation of pharmaceuticals. We offer standard and custom pharmaceutical chambers and rooms to ensure that each of our client's individual expectations can be met. To learn more, call Darwin Chambers at 877-783-6774 or contact us online for a free quote.

The USP has established two principal risks when transporting and storing pharmaceuticals:

  1. The product becoming adulterated during transport
  2. Non-compliance with FDA and ICH regulations

With Darwin Chambers, you don't have to worry about either risk. All of our pharmaceutical chambers exceed FDA and ICH regulations, and are capable of cooling redundancy.

Darwin's Minneapolis, MN FDA/ICH Pharmaceutical Chambers and Rooms

At Darwin, our PH Series of stability chambers is comprised of six units that have substantial advantages for stability or shelf life testing. We also offer customizable FDA/ICH stability rooms for Minneapolis, MN researchers whose storage needs are larger than most.

Minneapolis, MN Stability Chambers

Our six pharmaceutical chamber units consist of units that can fit on a bench or desk, all the way up to larger, 3-door units. The PH series was introduced in 2003 as the first widely available Peltier-cooled pharmaceutical storage chamber. We've been innovating ever since to bring the best possible product to our Minneapolis, MN clients not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in cosmetics, nutraceuticals, medical devices, and more.

The benefits of a Darwin reach-in pharmaceutical chamber include:

  • Cooling Redundancy — Each pharmaceutical chamber is built with multiple, independent thermoelectric cooling units, keeping your pharmaceuticals safe even if one or several of the other units fail.
  • Simple Serviceability — As there is no refrigeration equipment in our pharmaceutical chambers, costly and time-consuming refrigeration technicians are not required during servicing. Our thermoelectric-based chambers can be serviced in minutes with basic tools.
  • Superior Control — Our cooling technologies and automatic temperature switching help to provide superior control and uniformity.
  • Reduced Energy Loads — Darwin's pharmaceutical chambers place a lighter load on building cooling systems than our competitors' models. That means that your chamber can be located in workstations unsuitable for other chambers, and you can potentially save thousands of dollars per year.
  • Proven Controllers — We usually install Fuji Electric controllers on our pharmaceutical chambers. These controllers are widely proven and have the standard functions of:
    • Autotuning
    • Fuzzy logic
    • PID control
    • Programmable alarms
    • Calibration capability
    • Ramp/Soak
    • Offset capability

    If you have another controller in mind, we can easily install that in your pharmaceutical chamber.

  • Services and Warranties — Our standard pharmaceutical chamber warranty includes (based on your specific contract):
    • 2 Years All Parts
    • 1 Year Labor
    • 7 Years Thermoelectric Cooling Unit
    • 3 Years Compressor

    We also offer 24 hour technical support, as well as optional qualification and preventive maintenance and qualification and preventive maintenance can also be included in your contract.

  • Options Available — At additional cost, we offer chart recorders, data loggers, dryers, and a full swinging interior glass door (PH034 only).
  • Quiet Operation —Our pharmaceutical chambers are installed with highly efficient DC fans. Locating these chambers in Minneapolis, MN laboratory workspaces is a viable option.

For more information about specific models, please see the individual products at the bottom of the page.

Minneapolis, MN Pharmaceutical Rooms

Our controlled environment rooms can be utilized for numerous fields, such as pharmaceutical shelf-life testing, animal health products, medical devices, and more. We build our pharmaceutical rooms under the guidance of four chief principles:


Quality is reflected from the initial quote all the way through the lifespan of your pharmaceutical stability room. The people who design, manufacture, install, and repair your room will be factory trained, with extensive experience with what Minneapolis, MN pharmaceutical companies need to do their research. The control panels we put on our units are CSA certified.


We can deliver in 6 weeks what other vendors do in 6 months. We are always fully stocked with the components needed to build any standard and most customized rooms. Every component will be pre-charged and tested upon arrival at your facility, for exceptionally fast installation.


We believe in using a blend of time-tested technologies and newer features in order to get our Minneapolis, MN clients the great results they expect. From units with limited energy loads to incomparable uniformity through our on-site validation services. Our state-of-the-art technologies include:

Our typical stability room will produce mapped and validated results of better than ±0.5° C and ±1.0 RH throughout the entire room. You can expect a control at censor of ±0.1°C and ±0.3%.


We believe our pricing for controlled environment rooms in Minneapolis, MN that exceed performance expectations is truly reasonable. There are many factors that go into the price of a pharmaceutical storage room, including installation, the burden it places on your electrical systems, lost "down" time, and service costs. Our efficient units, knowledgeable and experienced technicians, and economical service plans add up to a lower cost than than other vendors. We also work with North Star Leasing to offer financing options, in case our clients would like it for tax benefits, or want to maintain working capital.

For specifications for our FDA/ICH rooms, click on the "Download Brochure" button below:

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If your work takes you into the field, we also have a pre-built mobile shipping container stability room.

If you need a FDA/ICH room fast, you can receive one of our pre-built units within 15 business days with our "Quick Ship" program.

Minneapolis, MN Pharmaceutical Chambers | Darwin Chambers

If none of our pre-engineered pharmaceutical chambers or rooms fit the demands of your field, we are more than happy to work with you to get you the custom unit you need. Everyone working on your unit will be knowledgeable about not just what it takes to build a functional unit, but the specific needs of our Minneapolis, MN pharmaceutical industry clients' research. Since 2003, we have been an industry leader in the manufacturing, designing, and installation of controlled environment rooms and reach-in chambers. For the best pharmaceutical chamber you'll find, call Darwin Chambers at 877-783-6774 or contact us online.

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