The Darwin Chambers Precision Fluid Temperature Control Unit (PFTCU)

is an indirect cooling system utilizing a combination of refrigeration

technologies, glycol/water heat exchange technologies, and the

latest temperature control methods to outperform conventional refrigeration

systems in environmental chamber applications.

Precision Fluid Temperature Control Unit - Benefits

  • Refrigeration system is entirely self-contained, no on-site brazing is required, water connections are typically made using

    cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) or equivalent.

  • Refrigeration system is entirely pre-built, pressure tested, vacuumed (lengthy process ensuring micron levels achieved and

    maintained well below 500 microns), charged (from a digital scale to predetermined levels), energized, and tested in the

    factory to ensure the system runs properly before shipment.

  • System requires a relatively small quantity of refrigerant, no refrigerant is circulated into the environmental room and no

    refrigerant circulates through piping to and from evaporator.

  • Because the PFTCU is pre-charged/tested, there is considerably less time spent installing system, only water

    (glycol/water) connections are made.

  • Because refrigerant is only in the cooling unit, leak testing and repairs are readily performed. If entire replacement is ever

    needed, the entire cooling system can be replaced (wiring and piping included) in less than 30 minutes.

  • Because propylene glycol is continuously circulated through room, a large, rapid temperature rise is avoided during

    failure of cooling unit.

  • Redundant cooling systems need only be placed in-line with one another, with nothing but the addition of a small amount

    of piping and ball valves for disconnection. Failure of one system will not contaminate or compromise the piping of the

    other system or the room evaporator/air handler.

  • Small leaks in the evaporator/air handler will take an exceptional amount of time to cause a temperature rise.

    The propylene/glycol mixture does not escape through microscopic holes nearly as fast (months instead of minutes) as

    refrigerant gas.

  • Pressure on piping is drastically less than compared to refrigeration piping, 1 or 2 psi compared to up to 100+ psi with

    refrigerant gas. In rare instances of leaks in the room evaporator/air handler, the fluid level can simply be topped off and

    the system can be serviced weeks, months, or years later – at the customer’s convenience.

  • Entire cooling system can be installed and replaced, quickly, with simple tools - no refrigeration tools or certified

    technicians necessary.

  • Because the PFTCU can operate in two modes, cooling/heating with refrigeration and cooling/heating with

    continuously circulating fluid, this system is more efficient and inexpensive to operate. As one should expect, a

    large refrigeration system should not be required to maintain temperatures near or above 40C. With the PFTCU, the

    compressor is de-energized when the desired temperature goes to higher levels and only the ultra-efficient (and reliable)

    circulator pump is used to cool the room. No other manufacturer has this capability.

  • Service costs are reduced, sound levels are minimized, energy expense is reduced, and temperature control/uniformity is