Material Test/Cure Chambers

Material Test/Cure Chambers


Available in a variety of sizes, the Darwin MC Series Material Test/Cure Chambers are ideal for the rigors of precision temperature and humidity control in concrete, asphalt, and related industries. Unlike the vast majority of “testing” apparatus available to control temperature / humidity for engineering demands, these chambers provide reliable operation, durable construction and accurate results. The MC Series offers serious performance to engineers and researchers looking for serious results.

To set the MC Series apart from typical “environmental chambers” or “home built units,” we have incorporated a number of features to produce the best chamber to meet ASTM, ACI, AASHTO, CCRL (The Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory, a division of ASTM International), and other standards.



Standard Features

  • Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Two Part Polyurethane, Factory Applied Liner for Exceptional Durability
  • Industrial P.I.D Controls
  • Robust Refrigeration
  • Epoxy Coated Cooling Coils
  • High accuracy Platinum RTD Sensor
  • Waterproof Interior Fan Motors
  • Built-in Drain
  • Corrosion Resistant / Proof Shelving Options
  • 2 1/2″ Minimum Foamed In Placed Polyurethane Insulation
  • Standard Alarms and Cut-Outs
  • Standard Ramp / Soak Programming
  • Exceptional Sample Storage Weight Capability
  • Unmatched Temperature Control and Uniformity
  • Conformity with ASTM Standards
  • Non-Proprietary Controls
  • Ongoing Sustainability
  • Pre-Tested and Pre-Charged Refrigeration Systems
  • Remote Alarm Dry Contacts
  • Lockable

Optional Features

  • Back-up Control / Conditioning
  • Stainless Steel / Special Surfaces
  • Ethernet / Remote Monitoring / Alarming
  • Humidification with UV Disinfection
  • Desiccant Dehumidification with UV Disinfection
  • Simple Redundancy Options
  • Multi-Point Digital Recording
  • Water-Cooled Or Air-Cooled Condensers
  • Custom Lighting Systems
  • Custom Shelving
  • Freeze / Thaw Operation
  • Glass Doors
  • Available Service Agreements
  • Calibration / Validation / Maintenance Services
  • Touchscreen Control Interface

The Darwin Advantage

All installed instrumentation is calibrated to NIST traceable standards and provided with a calibration form. In-house, factory calibrations are performed using state-of-the-art equipment with great accuracies. These reports are three-point verifications, traceable calibration documents.