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Industrial Cold Room Manufacturers: Offering Revolutionary Cold Storage Solutions in Columbus, OH

Industrial cold room manufacturers in Columbus, OH. Industrial cold rooms are essential for maintaining the integrity of products and specimens, particularly in Columbus, OH industries that are heavily regulated. These specialized rooms are meant to maintain a strict temperature and humidity settings to prolong the lifespan of the products you need to preserve. Industrial cold room manufacturers play a crucial role in the production and installation of these rooms.

Darwin Chambers has been a trusted designer and manufacturer in the industrial cold room manufacturing industry for more than two decades, and have secured an excellent reputation through our exemplary designs, craftsmanship, unmatched customer service, and the dependability of our units. Call us today at 877-783-6774 to discuss your cold storage needs or contact us online.

Industrial cold rooms are indispensable in a wide variety of industries in Columbus, OH, such as:

  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare
  • Chemical and processing
  • Consumer goods
  • Fisheries
  • Research laboratories

What Is An Industrial Cold Room?

An industrial cold room is a unique kind of storage unit that is intended to maintain the integrity of perishable items. The settings in an industrial cold room can be controlled to fit the particular requirements of each client, product, or sample, from -60°C up to +10°C. The cold room can also be built with specialized features such as humidity control, air filtration, and air circulation systems to further insure products' integrity.

What an Industrial Cold Room Can Do For Your Researchers in Columbus, OH

Using an industrial cold room has many benefits, no matter what Columbus, OH field you're in, including:

  • Increased shelf life of items — Industrial cold rooms offer accurate temperature control, which is required for preserving the integrity of many products. By keeping things properly cold, these rooms can keep food, drugs, and other products fresh for longer periods of time, decreasing spoilage.
  • Increased storage volume — Industrial cold rooms are designed to maximize storage capacity, allowing researchers to store all their products and samples in a single location. This helps reduce cost as well as make your workers more productive.
  • Better product quality — Industrial cold rooms provide a regulated environment for your items, ensuring that they maintain their quality and freshness.
  • Ensured compliance — A lot of fields have strict regulations on how certain products are stored. Industrial cold rooms help businesses adhered to these regulations and avoid expensive fines.
  • Energy efficiency — State-of-the-art industrial cold rooms are designed with energy efficiency as a main objective, which can help businesses save on energy costs. By implementing new insulation techniques, efficient refrigerants, and LED lights, businesses can minimize their carbon footprint while also cutting down on costs.
  • Cleanliness and safety — Industrial cold rooms are designed to meet strict sanitation and security standards, which is necessary for entities that handle perishable products. They are equipped with attributes such as stainless steel, antimicrobial handles, and environmental alarms to help maintain a sterile environment.

Darwin Chambers: A Leader Among Industrial Cold Room Manufacturers in Columbus, OH

Darwin Chambers' industrial cold rooms are custom-designed based on each Columbus, OH clients specific needs. We focus on building precise and reliable machines at competitive prices. Every unit we build comes with a variety of benefits:

  • Tight temperature control for reliability and precision
  • Strict temperature consistency of ±.5°C or better throughout the cold room
  • Work around any capacity constraints, flexible personalized implementations
  • Conditioning system can be replaced or relocated quickly due to simple water-type connections
  • Precision Fluid Temperature Control Unit cooling system makes use of a combination of refrigerant technologies and glycol/water heat exchange technologies
  • Eco-friendly and generally require fewer than 1000 Watts to operate
  • System can be restored by a technician with no down time for the chamber
  • Special accessories that allow uninterrupted operation and great convenience
  • ADA compliance available with no additional cost to the customer
  • Simple control systems
  • Oversize evaporator fan coil removes the need for a defrost at 4°C or more
  • Smooth ceiling, aluminum or steel, for optimal performance over other industrial cold room manufacturers who use egg crate ceiling. Egg crate ceilings promote mold buildup, difficult to repair equipment, harder to clean, and interfere with lighting and airflow.
  • Installed with LED lights which require LED lights that use far less energy than other bulbs. They also produce less radiant heat, and with less heat used, the cooling requirement for the unit is decreased and the total energy used by an LED-equipped chamber is significantly reduced.
  • Personnel emergency alarm: illuminated cord to reset push-button (inside room), control panel mounted visual and audible alarm. Includes glow in the dark label and a glow in the dark antimicrobial pull cord that can trigger alarm when pulled, a life-saving feature for injured personnel lying on the floor.

All of our cold rooms are calibrated to NIST traceable standards and come with a calibration form. In-house, factory calibrations are carried out utilizing state-of-the-art technologies with great accuracies. These reports have both "as-found" and "as-left" verifications.

If you need an industrial cold room quickly, you can order through our "Quick Ship" program and receive a pre-engineered unit in Columbus, OH within 15 days. Through North Star Leasing, we also provide numerous financing options for businesses who want to maintain existing credit lines for more time.

Installation and Maintenance of Industrial Cold Rooms in Columbus, OH

The installation process includes putting the components together, setting up the refrigeration system, and ensuring that the cold room is working as you need it to. We can then train your Columbus, OH technicians on how to keep the cold room functional. Throughout the lifespan of your unit, we offer the following services:

At Darwin Chambers, our service doesn't stop once your new industrial cold room in Columbus, OH is installed and functional. We strive to make sure our clients' units stay functional, and offer 24/7 technical support.

Columbus, OH Industrial Cold Room Manufacturers | Darwin Chambers

Industrial cold room manufacturers play a crucial part in providing high-quality cold storage solutions to various industries. By understanding the specific requirements of our clients and providing customized solutions, Darwin Chambers ensures that our clients' products are stored safely and efficiently, and that our clients are happy with our product and service. For a leading industrial cold room manufacturer, call Darwin today at (314) 534-3111 or contact us online.

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