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Darwin Chambers designs and produces temperature-controlled altitude test chambers in Raleigh. Our carefully engineered altitude systems have a variety of features that make them one of the top test rooms available on the market. For more information about our state-of-the-art altitude test chambers, or questions regarding our other products, call Darwin Chambers at 314-534-3111 or 877-783-6774.

Custom-Built Altitude Test Chambers Raleigh

Darwin Chambers teamed up with Colorado Altitude Training (CAT) to engineer a unique altitude testing chamber that is versatile and comfortable. Our temperature-controlled altitude chambers feature state-of-the-art altitude simulation technology and are designed with maximum airflow in mind. Our high-performance altitude test chambers are the most luxurious products on the market and include a wide range of exceptional features.

Altitude Test Chamber Features | Raleigh Altitude Test Chambers

Our altitude test chambers have unrivaled solidity, world-class performance, and are optimized for advanced altitude simulation. Our simulated altitude test rooms have four main components:

  • Maximum Air Flow - 121 digitally-adjusted, stabilized levels for optimum air flow performance
  • Built to Exact Specifications - custom-modified to suit your space, needs, and desired specifications
  • Quality Oxygen Monitor - displays the oxygen content in each system and determines your exact altitude for complete control of your altitude test chamber's environment
  • High-Performance Altitude Air Generator - an ongoing stream of fresh, low-oxygen air for maximum comfort - CAT 12 Air Unit simulates up to 12,000 feet, while the less expensive CAT 9 Air Unit achieves 9,000 feet at sea level, the new CAT 23 is for research and aviation systems

All altitude test rooms can be equipped with Antimicrobial Coating on door handles to reduce the spread of bacteria and pathogens.

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Darwin Chambers is a leading manufacturer of high-performance altitude test chambers for Raleigh businesses that require reliable, temperature-controlled testing rooms. Our altitude chambers provide extreme comfort while achieving the highest altitude performance technology results. Our specialists can adjust any existing altitude testing chambers in Raleigh to match your exact specifications. Want to learn more about our Raleigh altitude test chambers? Request a quote for our controlled environment rooms or other services by using the links below.

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