The dual temperature refrigerator/ freezer combination features separate microprocessor temperature controller which allows for precise temperature control, verification and recovery. An interior fan, forced-draft air circulation system is used and provides temperature uniformity when the door is opened for the refrigerator part. All units require a 4″ clearance around the back and sides of the unit for ventilation. Auto defrost have an electric heater installed on the evaporator to help with removal of frost and ice, but can lead to a raise in temperatures. Download Specification


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Series Overview

The Premier Dual Temp Combination Refrigerator/Freezers feature separate microprocessor temperature controller allowing for precise temperature control, verification and recovery.


Two exterior swing doors (glass door refrigerators/ solid door freezer) chamber designed for maximum capacity while still allowing passage through most commercial doorways.

Additional information


Unit comes standard with a temperature range for the refrigerator: 1°C to10°C and freezer temperature range: -15°C to -25°C. Auto defrost cycle every 6 hours, max air temp in empty freezer: +4.34° C; max air temp in loaded freezer: -2.89° C. Max sample temp in empty freezer: -4.76° C; max sample temp in loaded freezer: -9.58° C. Products designed to operate in ambient room temperatures not to exceed 75° F / 50% RH.

Control System

All series models come standard with a digital microprocessor temperature controller providing a readout of actual and set-point values. This chamber comes with audible/visual alarms, high and low temperature alarms with remote alarm contacts.


These chambers come with a two year parts and labor warranty, plus an additional three year compressor parts warranty.


Refrigerator/ freezer combo is constructed of white powder coated exterior.
• 3 adjustable shelves refrigerator/2 adjustable shelves freezer with guard rails to prevent product from being pushed against back wall
• Two exterior swing doors (glass door refrigerators/ solid door freezer), right hinged, not reversible
• Magnetic door gasket for positive seal with keyed door lock and integrated door handle
• Footed bottom shelf refrigerator and freezer
• Back wall evaporator cover
• Leveling legs
• Stacking kit
• Probe access port (3/8"), one in refrigerator and one in freezer
• LED interior lights
• HFC-free refrigerant (R600a), foam insulation and packaging
• Exterior dimensions: 23.75” W x 24.25”D x 53.13”H
• Shipping weight: 207 lbs
• Voltage: 115 / 60 / 1.3 Amps refrigerator, 1 Amps freezer, 1/6 HP refrigerator, 1/8 HP freezer
• UL/C-UL listed