Laboratory Incubators DB Series

The DB series chambers are popular among researchers and are used for a variety of applications. The DB series laboratory incubators include heating and cooling capabilities, which make them well-suited for both microbiological and BOD studies. These units have lower temperature specifications than our thermoelectrically cooled units, have associated greater heat removal capabilities, and are ideal for locations where the ambient conditions cannot be controlled very well.



The DB011 is a bench top incubator designed to fit on 24” benchtops or stacked with optional racking.



The DB030 is a single-door incubator.



The DB034 is a single-door incubator providing extra cubic feet designed for maximum capacity while still allowing passage through most commercial d …



The DB055 is a 2-door incubator.



The DB084 is a 3-door incubator.

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DB Series Features

The DB series incubators all include heating capabilities and cooling capabilities.These units excel as general all-round incubators, microbiological incubators and BOD incubators. They have lower temperature specifications than our thermoelectrically cooled units and have associated greater heat removal capabilities. These units are ideal for locations where the ambient conditions cannot be controlled very well or there is a live heat load - such as for HPLCs, shakers, or other laboratory equipment. These units will also outperform our thermoelectric units where specifications call for fast “open door” recovery times.

Typical optional accessories are Watlow controllers, Honeywell or Partlow chart recorders, 485 communications for PC control, temperature and humidity data logging monitors, full glass doors, full stainless steel interior and exterior, and more shelves.

As always, if you have different dimensions, specifications, probes, microprocessors etc., we can accommodate your needs.

Control System

All DB series models comes standard with a Fuji PXF4 (PID - Fuzzy Logic) controller providing a readout of actual and set-point values. This chamber comes with audible and visual alarms, remote monitoring and a numeric password protection. Plenty of alternative customized options are available.


All DB series offer endless customized options. Common upgrades include stainless steel shelving, interior/exterior, various lighting options including LED, fluorescent, full swinging interior glass door (034), dimming options and microprocessor control of lights, upgraded controllers (West EC-44, Future Design Touchpad, Watlow, Allen Bradley, etc.), and more.

Service and Warranties

Darwin Chambers Company offers 24 hour technical support throughout the lifetime of your chamber. In addition to standard warranties, we also offer extended warranties for cooling components, parts and labor. We also provide qualifications, validations and preventive maintenance services at an additional cost. Please ask for a quote.


Darwin Chambers DB series comes with a variety of interior and exterior finishes, and shelving. All chambers come with a 2” access port. See chart on specifications for exact dimensions.

Widely Proven, Non-Proprietary Controllers

Standard controllers for the DB series are manufactured by Fuji Electric. Unlike many proprietary controllers, this controller is commercially available and proven in tens of thousands of installations. Standard functions include: autotuning, fuzzy logic, PID control, programmable alarms, calibration capability, ramp/soak, offset capability, etc. A touchscreen control interface is optional. Other controller manufacturers are also supported (Watlow, Allen Bradley etc.)