Water Filtration System



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6-stage Reverse Osmosis filtration system with double DI filters with a 3.2 gallon Reverse Osmosis tank. With a capacity of 10-50 gallons per day, the WFS4 includes spare filters that will provide a 2-4 year supply or 6000 gallon filtration capability. The WFS4 also includes a TDS meter to allow for periodic water quality verifications and a purified water pressure regulator to reduce the outlet water pressure to meet Darwin Chambers specifications. In addition, the WFS4 utilizes an auto shut-off valve to limit waste water to 2.5 gallons of waste water per one gallon of purified water. A 40PSI to 75 PSI regulated inlet water pressure is required for proper auto shut-off valve functionality. The use of water softening systems using salts should not be utilized pre or post the filtration system. Therefore, use of a water softener will void the chamber warranty.