Darwin Chambers

Material Test/Cure Rooms

Material Test/Cure Rooms


Our walk-in Materials Test and Cure Rooms offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications

including shelf-life testing and storage, ceramic and concrete wet and dry cure regimens, thermal shock chambers, general, medical and packaging materials. All concrete curing chambers comply with ASTM standards and CCRL (The Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory, a division of ASTM International). Some ASTM standards we conform to are C309-06, C156-05, C511-13, C666, C31, C192.  

Check out our Material Test Cure Chambers for a variety of different sizes which are ideal for the rigors of precision temperature and humidity control in concrete, asphalt, and related industries.


  • Nearly unlimited Customizable options.
  • Flexible configurations/room-sizes are modular and reconfigurable.
  • Conformity with standards is assured.
  • Air flow systems are specially engineered to meet the requirement of each individual chamber.
  • With ease, our curing rooms can maintain your desired temperature and humidity, they are the ideal place for curing your cement specimens for further testing.
  • Supplied with LED lights which emit significantly more light per unit of input energy than fluorescent bulbs. They also produce less radiant heat, and with less heat used, the cooling requirement for the controlled environment is diminished and the total energy used by an LED-equipped chamber is substantially reduced.
  • Personnel emergency alarm: illuminated pull to reset push-button (inside room), control panel mounted visual and audible alarm. Includes glow in the dark label and a glow in the dark antimicrobial pull cord that can trigger alarm when pulled, a life saving feature for injured personnel lying on the floor.


Standard Features

  • Temperature / Humidity Uniformity
  • Conformity with Standards
  • Non-Proprietary Controls
  • Ongoing Sustainability
  • Pre-tested and Pre-charged Refrigeration Systems
  • No Burn Permits Required
  • Remote Monitoring / Alarming
  • Simple Redundancy Options
  • Calibration, Validation and Preventive Maintenance
  • CSA certified control panel (UL equivalent)

Optional Features

  • Back-up control / Conditioning
  • Stainless Steel and Special Surfacing
  • Ethernet / Remote Monitoring / Alarming
  • Corrosive Resistant Equipment
  • Humidification and Desiccant Dehumidification, with UVDisinfection
  • Multi-Point Digital Recording
  • 4-6” Foamed Polyurethane Panels
  • Water-Cooled or Air-Cooled Condensers
  • Available Service Agreements
  • Unlimited Door / View Window Sizing
  • Can Accommodate Rapid Cycling
  • 700 lbs/ft2Floor is Standard; High-Load
  • Capacity Available to 5,000 lbs./ft2
  • Evenly-Distributed Weight
  • High-Density Shelving Systems
  • Touch Screen Control Interface
  • Antimicrobial Coating on door handle to reduce the spread of bacteria and pathogens.

The Darwin Advantage

All installed instrumentation is calibrated to NIST traceable standards and provided with a calibration form. In-house, factory calibrations are performed using state-of-the-art equipment with great accuracies. These reports are three-point verifications, traceable calibration documents.


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