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Vivarium rooms in Denver, CO. For over 20 years we have been working with Denver, CO researchers to provide safe and often precise conditions to meet their unique and particular needs. Darwin Chambers understands what a highly-functioning vivarium rooms can do for your research. For that reason, we are constantly developing new practices and technologies to offer scientists the best product for them. For more information on what we can do for your research needs in Denver, CO, check out more of this article, reach out to us today at 877-783-6774 or contact us online for a free quote.

In addition to vivarium rooms, we also offer plant growth rooms and plant growth chambers for our Denver, CO clients who focus on plant research, as well as insect rearing rooms and insect rearing chambers for insect research.

What is a Vivarium Room?

Latin for "place of life," a vivarium is an enclosed area where animals and/or plants can live in conditions similar to their natural habitat. That can include anything from a small aquarium on a kid's desk, to the dolphinarium at Sea World.

For research purposes, vivarium rooms can also be called animal research facilities, and they are used to store animals and/or plants in a specific, controlled habitat. These kinds of microecosystems are essential for observing plants or animals in a specific environment, or safely housing animals who are being tested for research purposes.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Vivarium Room in Denver, CO

There are numerous environmental controls needed to keep a vivarium room functioning properly. For your needs in Denver, CO, you'll need to ensure the controlled environment room can properly sustain:

  • Lighting — Different life forms need different levels and types of lighting that meet their adapted needs. Reptiles, amphibians, and other animals warm themselves with external heat like the sun, while some plants do best in the shade. Simulating the right light can take different types of bulbs, and we can also build in a regulator to simulate night and day.
  • Temperature and Humidity — In a similar vein, different life forms have adapted to different temperature and humidity levels. Heat can be sourced from a building's system or special lamps.
  • Ventilation — Ventilation is crucial for circulating air, stopping mold accumulation, stopping the growth of damaging bacteria, and balancing the ventilation between the holding room and vivarium room. There are a variety of exhaust fan options we can fit for your room, depending on the temperature and humidity of the room in question.

An animal or plant's physical environment is as important as anything to keeping them healthy. You need an impeccable vivarium room to guarantee not just the health of your specimens, but the validity of your Denver, CO research.

Benefits of Choosing Darwin Chambers For Your Vivarium Rooms in Denver, CO

It's no surprise to us that we have been a "go-to" manufacturer and vendor of vivarium rooms to the Denver area since 2003. We are driven to constantly improve our units for our clients, and our devotion to customer support is unmatched. We customize each unit based on your research needs. With a Darwin Chambers vivarium room, you get:

  • Our Technologies We're constantly trying to make our products more precise and accurate. With our virtual touchscreens, precision ultrasonic humidification, antimicrobial handles, and more, your Denver, CO vivarium room is made for ease-of-use, and will be reliable, energy-efficient, and will keep you and your specimens safe.
  • Our Service Plans We don't stop working for you once you have the vivarium room that fits your needs; we want your unit to function correctly as long as it lasts. We offer technical support throughout the lifetime of your controlled environment room, for instance:
  • Our Compliance Standards — Vivariums are are well-regulated and often have strict regulatory guidelines. All of our vivarium rooms are compliant with the following standards:

    All instruments are also calibrated to NIST traceable standards.

  • Financing We work with North Star Leasing so our Denver, CO clients can work with the impeccable controlled environment rooms they need while maintaining working capital, protecting existing lines of credit, and taking advantage of certain tax codes.
  • Our "Quick Ship" Program Want to buy a vivarium room, but need it sooner rather than later? We can send you pre-built units, which we promise will get to your Denver, CO location no later than 15 business days after your order.

With all of our custom or pre-engineered units in Denver, CO, you'll get:

  • Fans and lights that offer incredibly low energy loads
  • Available temperature ranges from 20°C to 60°C; 37°C typical set point
  • ADA compliance with no additional cost to customer
  • Humidity control at sensor: ±0.5%
  • Temperature control at sensor / set-point: ±0.2° C
  • A variety of surface and construction options
  • Illuminated personnel emergency alarm, a potentially life-saving feature for injured personnel

For the complete list of our vivarium room specifications, click on the button below:

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Other rooms and reach-in chambers we offer to Denver, CO scientists include:

Choose Darwin Chambers For Your Vivarium Room in Denver, CO

Darwin Chambers is unequaled the value, dependability, expertise, and availability of our vivarium rooms and experts. Our mission statement is to "grow and lead our biotech industry through the efforts of a creative, skilled, and professional workforce." We understand the importance of a precise vivarium room for your Denver, CO research, and we know how to build the room you need. Call Darwin Chambers today at 877-783-6774 or ask for a quote through our website.

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