Heated Humidified Incubator/Oven - HH011

The HH series incubators/ovens utilize heat to maintain temperature from as low as 5ºC above ambient conditions to 70ºC. If your set point is within this range, you should look at the models below for maximum efficiency and cost. The HH series chambers control well within the specifications required by the FDA and ICH for GMP studies. HH Series chambers can be used as pharmaceutical stress test chambers at 50C/75%RH. Examining degradation products under stress conditions is useful in establishing degradation pathways and developing and validating suitable analytical procedures. Running the models below will save you up to 80% in electricity costs vs. a compressor unit from competitors. Additionally, parts are easily replaced since there is no compressor – should you need repairs past the warranty period. * HT (heat only) series is also available, please inquire for more information.

SKU# HH011

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HH Series Overview

The HH series chambers are designed for performance while utilizing heat and humidity. Darwin Chambers ultrasonic humidification provides excellent humidity control and avoids hot spots during mapping. All HH series chambers incorporate simple serviceability and excellent reliability.


The HH011 is a bench top heated-humidified incubator designed to fit on 24” benchtops or stacked with optional racking.

Additional information

Cabinet Construction

Standard model features powder-coated door, front, and sides. Interior has 304 stainless steel on door liner, top, bottom, back and sides.
2" I.D access port with access port cover and insulation plug located on side wall of the chamber.


Racking available to stack units.


Positive magnetic seal, reversible.


Entire cabinet structure and doors insulated using 2" urethane foam.


2 stainless steel wire shelves included. Shelves capable of supporting up to 150 lbs of evenly distributed weight.
Full height shelf support pilasters, with double oblong holes on 1/2" centers. Pilasters made of stainless steel. Four (4) chrome plated, stainless steel shelf clips to be included for each shelf.

Benefits to the HH011

HH series incubators/ovens do not employ cooling to maintain temperature. Without cooling components, HH series is the most efficient and reliable series we sell.
This unit uses roughly 1/4 the electricity of our compressor driven models and roughly 1/8 the electricity of some of our competitor's models.

Electrical Characteristics

Unit completely pre-wired at factory, and ready for final connection to a 115/60/1 phase – 15 amp dedicated (recommended) outlet.
A cord and plug set is included.
A sole use circuit is recommended.