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Heated Incubators/Ovens


Heated Incubators/Ovens – HT Series

The HT series incubators/ovens utilize heat to maintain temperature from as low as 5ºC above ambient conditions to 50ºC. If your set point is within this range, you should look at the models below for maximum efficiency and cost. Running the models below will save you up to 80% in electricity costs vs. a compressor unit from competitors. Additionally, parts are easily replaced since there is no compressor – should you need repairs past the warranty period.  


The HT09 is a bench top heated incubator/oven. Units can be stacked with optional racking set-up.

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The HTX09 is a bench top high heat incubator/oven.

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The DR09 is a bench top high heat incubator/oven with a dryer to lower humidity.

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DB030 - Lab Incubator - Open - Small


The HT030 is a single-door heated incubator/oven.

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The HT034 is a wider single-door heated incubator/oven.

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The HT055 is a 2-door heated incubator/oven.

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DB084 - Lab Incubator - Open - Small


The HT084 is a 3-door heated incubator/oven.

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