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Environmental Chamber Manufacturers in Denver, CO. Environmental chambers and stability chambers are key at ensuring accurate readings for many Denver, CO scientists and businesses. They can help you ascertain how your product or specimen need to be stored, or alert you of imperfections in the product or process before moving to the next stage of development. Whether you are conducting important research or need products that are safe and effective for your clients, you need an environmental chamber manufacturer knows how to design effective and efficient machines. Darwin Chambers has been manufacturing, designing, and installing innovative controlled environment rooms and reach-in chambers for over 20 years. All of our units surpass regulatory standards, and our rooms and chambers are accompanied by quality preventive maintenance, and come with flawless temperature and humidity control. Get in touch with the environmental chamber manufacturers of Darwin today at 877-783-6774 or contact us online for a free quote.

A Brief History of the Environmental Chamber | Denver, CO Environmental Chamber Manufacturers

In the middle of the last century, former refrigeration and air-conditioning serviceman and salesman Charles F. Conrad built an extreme cold chamber on his front porch that was capable of reaching a temperature as low as −125 °F (−87 °C). The original intent was for precision testing of electrical items. Eventually, his chambers were honed to test for weather conditions likely to be found both at high altitude and at ground level. It was vital in the testing of air and ground vehicles and their components, and he had contracts with both the U.S. military and NASA.

In the years that followed, adept environmental chamber manufacturers like those at Darwin Chambers have sought out the brightest minds to develop new technologies that create ever more accurate and precise control and readings. Environmental chambers manufacturers build stability chambers that can help a variety of Denver, CO industries observe their product or specimen's reactions to:

  • Wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • Instantaneous temperature and humidity variation
  • Extreme elevation
  • Moisture
  • Thermal shock
  • Cyclic corrosion testing
  • Weathering
  • Sun exposure
  • Vacuum

Environmental chamber manufacturers are a crucial resource for Denver, CO companies and researchers in many fields by helping them test by determining how safe and effective their products are and how long they will last.

Denver, CO Industries that Use Environmental Chambers

At Darwin Chambers, our environmental chamber manufacturers have become the go-to for Denver, CO industries that need precise environmental control. Those industries in Denver, CO include:

  • Pharmaceutical — Environmental chambers help pharmaceutical companies how to keep their drugs safe and effective.
  • Construction — Under ACI Committee 308, having a reliable concrete curing box is necessary in ensuring your samples are preserved before testing.
  • Aviation — Aviation components must maintain integrity in extreme temperatures and extreme temperature fluctuations, and many aerospace companies have come to rely on Darwin Chambers' altitude test chambers to ensure their aircraft can withstand them.
  • Athletics — Athletes also have to perform well in extreme climate conditions we have teamed with Colorado Altitude Training to recreate environmental conditions up to 9,000 feet above sea level in our altitude test rooms. We have assisted clients ranging from Harvard University to Pro cycling teams.
  • Automobile — Salt spray and humidity testing is key to seeing how cars, trucks, and motorcycles and their parts hold up under certain weather conditions and how they perform over time.
  • Other industries including packaging, electronic, and more.

The environmental chamber manufacturers of Darwin Chambers know how to design, manufacture and maintain rooms and chambers for any industry.

Darwin's Environmental Chambers for Our Denver, CO Clients

At Darwin Chambers, our environmental chamber manufacturers produce both reach-in environmental chambers and controlled environmental rooms for Denver, CO researchers and companies. We build reach-in chambers that small and portable as well as units with several doors and shelves so that we can best meet the needs of each client. Our environmental rooms are designed dependent on your specifications, in addition to having pre-built rooms we can ship to you with 15 business days by using our "Quick Ship" program.

Our KB series of environmental reach-in chambers in can reach temperatures as low as 2°C or as high as 50°C. You'll get:

  • Energy efficiency — All these models come with hot gas by-pass technology that allows them to operate on 0.25 - 0.67hp compressors, which creates enough energy efficiency to run on 15 amp, 110 volt circuits.
  • Non-proprietary controllers that have been demonstrated to work — Instead of utilizing our own controllers, we rely on Fuji Electric's controllers, as they are dependable, accurate and precise regardless of what type of chamber or room they are being used with. Other controllers are available upon request.
  • Services and warranties — All of our units comes with a reach-in warranty, which includes:
    • 2 years for all components (consumables are not included in the warranty unless acknowledged by Darwin Chambers, however they may be part of a maintenance plan
    • 1 year for labor
    • 7 years for the thermoelectric cooling unit
    • 3 years for the compressor

    As long as your Denver, CO environmental chamber lasts, you will also receive:

  • Superior control and uniformity — Our ultrasonic humidification system fosters superb humidity control with a standard control at the sensor of ±0.2°C and ±0.3%RH.
  • Greatly diminished direct and indirect energy loads — Our chambers use less energy than comparable stability chambers and have less of an impact on building cooling units.
  • Quiet operation — The KB chambers utilize quiet DC fans that make locating these chambers in laboratory workspaces a feasible option.
  • Customizable options — We can also outfit your chamber with:
    • Wider temperature range
    • Chart recorders
    • Data loggers
    • Benchtop chamber capable of being stacked
    • Dryers

For more extreme temperature needs, the environmental chamber manufacturers at Darwin Chambers also have stability freezersand heated/humidified incubators as pre-built units.

If you're looking for a larger, more customizable environmental chamber, take a look at the controlled environment rooms we offer to Denver, CO companies.

Other services we offer in Denver, CO include:

Denver, CO Environmental Chambers Manufacturers | Darwin Chambers

Whatever your temperature and humidity needs in Denver, CO, the environmental chambers manufacturers at Darwin Chambers know you need an environmental test chambers that will give you precise temperature control and reliable data for years to come. For that reason, we are constantly working to improve our designs and offer the highest quality customer service in the environmental chamber market. Our headquarters are in the middle of the country, so we can reduce potential travel costs. If you are looking for environmental chamber manufacturers, call Darwin Chambers today at 877-783-6774 or contact us online for a free quote.



Our environmental chambers can simulate almost any climate for safe product testing and are ideal for laboratory use.



The KB011P is a portable benchtop environmental chamber.



The KB030 is a single-door environmental chamber.



The KB034 is a wider single-door environmental chamber.



The KB055 is a 2-door environmental chamber.



The KB084 is a 3-door environmental chamber.

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