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Drosophila Incubator in Colorado Springs, CO

Drosophila incubator in Colorado Springs, CO. Fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) are popular among Colorado Springs, CO researchers the relative ease of studying them. That makes your Drosophila incubator an essential part of your work. A Drosophila incubator manipulates temperature, humidity, and light conditions to mimic the fly's natural habitat. However, to do so precisely and reliably, you can't settle for anything less than a top of the line Drosophila incubator. Darwin Chambers has been manufacturing, designing, and installing controlled environmental chambers for more than two decades. Call us today at (314) 534-3111 or contact us through our website to discuss your Drosophila incubator needs in Colorado Springs, CO today.

Applications of the Drosophila Incubator

Drosophila research is common in numerous different uses in Colorado Springs, CO. Some of the most common are:

  • Genetic Manipulation — Fruit flies simple genomes compared to other animals, making them a popular model organism for genetic research. Drosophila incubators provide a controlled environment for the breeding and maintenance of genetically modified flies, permitting researchers to analyze how certain mutations affect development, behavior, and disease.
  • Behavioral Studies — The Drosophila incubator can also be used for behavioral studies in fruit flies. Researchers can manipulate the light cycle to study circadian rhythms, sleep patterns, and mating behaviors. Additional climate conditions can also be analyzed, like how temperature and humidity affect mating behavior and aggression.
  • Drug Research — Drosophila incubators are also helpful for drug discovery research. Researchers can use fruit flies to test chemical compounds and their effect on a wide range of ailments. By simulating their natural, healthy environment, you can ensure their responses to the drugs being tested are legitimate.
  • Aging Studies — The fact that fruit flies have a lifespan of under two months makes them an ideal candidate for aging studies.
  • Neuroscience Research — Fruit flies have the ability to model human brain diseases. Drosophila incubators are used to maintain a consistent environment for the breeding and maintenance of flies used in various neuroscience experiments, including studies of learning and memory, circadian rhythms, and behavior.
  • Evolutionary Biology — Drosophila has been used extensively in evolutionary biology research. Drosophila incubators provide a controlled environment for the breeding and maintenance of flies, allowing researchers to see how genetics evolve over generations.

What to Consider When Looking for a Drosophila Incubator

When searching for a Drosophila incubator, there are several aspects of the machine you need to consider to ensure you're getting the best unit for your research needs in Colorado Springs, CO. You should consider the range of quality of:

  • Temperature Control — Temperature control is crucial for Drosophila studies as it has a direct correlation to the fly's lifespan, its growth rate, and its fertility. The incubator should never never become hotter or colder than a specified range.
  • Humidity Control — Drosophila incubators need to have the proper level of moisture in the air to prevent desiccation of the flies. Humidity control also affects the fly's development and ability to survive.
  • Light Control — Light control is necessary for managing the fly's circadian rhythm and controlling photoperiod experiments. The incubator should be able to manage how intense the light is and when it's on and off.
  • Capacity — The incubator's capacity should fit your needs and lab setting. Consider the number of flies and generations you'll need and choose an incubator that can accommodate them.
  • Accessibility — Anyone should be able to easily access the incubator whenever the need arises. Take into account the ease of loading and unloading flies and the accessibility of the temperature and humidity controls.

At Darwin Chambers, all of our Drosophila incubators are designed, manufactured, and installed to fit our Colorado Springs, CO clients' needs.

Why Pick Darwin Chambers For Your Colorado Springs, CO Drosophila Incubator

There are good reasons Darwin Chambers is considered an industry leader in Colorado Springs, CO in the design and manufacture of Drosophila incubators:


Quality is reflected from our first conversation all the way through the lifespan of your Drosophila incubator. The people who design, manufacture, install, and repair your room will be factory personnel, with a firm grasp of what Colorado Springs, CO Drosophila researchers need to thrive. All of our controlled environment rooms and reach-in chambers meant for insects are ALAAC, OLAW, USDA, NIH-compliant.

Our Services

In addition to our free technical support, we offer a range of services that are separately billed to our Colorado Springs, CO clients. These include:

As we are headquartered in the Midwest, our technicians can be onsite in Colorado Springs, CO promptly and have experience upgrading and repairing many different systems.


We believe the cost of our Drosophila incubators in Colorado Springs, CO that exceed performance expectations is truly reasonable. A lot goes into the price of a Drosophila incubator, including installation, the burden it places on your electrical systems, lost "down" time, and maintenance fees. Our efficient incubators, expert installer technicians, and affordable service plans add up to a lower cost than than our competitors. We also offer financing options through North Star Leasing, in case our clients would like it for tax benefits, or want to maintain working capital.

Who We Are

We are an independently owned that manufactures everything in the United States. We are affiliated with Energy Star and United Nations Global Compact to make your Colorado Springs, CO neighborhoods and the world a healthier and more harmonious place.

Types of Drosophila Incubator Darwin Chambers Offers in Colorado Springs, CO

Our Colorado Springs, CO Reach-In Drosophila Incubators

We offer insect incubators, low temp insect incubators, and insect rearing chambers for Colorado Springs, CO scientists in the Drosophila industry. Our reach-in chambers range from small benchtop units to larger 3-door ones. They all come with:

  • Epoxy coated coils to prevent corrosion from Drosophila
  • Secondary safety high temperature cut-off switch to protect Drosophila
  • 24-hour technical support for the duration of your incubator
  • Standard warranties
  • Extended warranties for cooling components, parts, and labor
  • Quiet operation so you focus on your research
  • Stainless steel doors, walls, and panels for easier cleaning
  • Antimicrobial handles to ensure the integrity of your research
  • Optional virtual touchscreens so data is easily logged, stored, and accessed
  • Non-proprietary, globally recognized Fuji Electric controllers with autotuning, PID control, calibration capability, offset capability and more (other controllers are also supported)
  • Impeccable control through optional ultrasonic humidification that avoids hot spots
  • Significantly lowered energy loads which will reduce your energy bills and allows for our insect incubators to be located in spaces unsuitable for other incubators
  • "Future proof" cooling systems that ensure your units stay compliant with federal regulations in the refrigerant industry even as they get more restrictive

Our Colorado Springs, CO Drosophila Controlled Environment Rooms

We also design and manufacture drosophila incubator rooms to Colorado Springs, CO clients with larger housing or customization needs. Each room as is unique as the Colorado Springs, CO client themselves. The advantages of our controlled environment rooms include:

  • Temperature conditioning system can be serviced or relocated quickly, due to a pre-charged and self-contained design
  • Available high temperature decontamination
  • Heat provided to incubators through one of three ways: ambient heat, hot-gas bypass refrigeration, or electric heat
  • Temperature ranges from 5° C to 60° C, 15° C to 37° C, 32° C to 60° C, etc
  • Supplied with LED lights which emit significantly more light per unit of input energy than fluorescent bulbs. They also produce less radiant heat, and with less heat used, the cooling requirement for the controlled environment is diminished and the total energy used by an LED-equipped chamber is substantially reduced
  • ADA compliance available with no additional cost to the customer
  • Conditioning System Features: quick installation, extended reliability, efficient operation, precision control, simple servicing, low GWP, and low total cost of ownership
  • Personnel emergency alarm: illuminated pull to reset push-button (inside room), control panel mounted visual and audible alarm. Includes glow in the dark label and a glow in the dark antimicrobial pull cord that can trigger alarm when pulled, a life saving feature for injured personnel lying on the floor

If you need your Drosophila incubator room delivered quickly to your Colorado Springs, CO facility, with our "Quick Ship" program, you can receive a pre-built unit within 15 business days.

Other chambers and rooms we offer in Colorado Springs, CO include:

Drosophila Incubator in Colorado Springs, CO | Darwin Chambers

Drosophila incubators are a crucial device for Colorado Springs, CO researchers handling fruit flies. The company you order it from needs to be the best. At Darwin Chambers, we don't take chances on quality because we know you can't take chances with your research. If you're looking for a Drosophila incubator in Colorado Springs, CO, call Darwin today at (314) 534-3111 or contact us online.

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