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Cold Room Manufacturers Long Island, NY. No matter whether you are an agricultural supplier who needs a room with a consistent temperature, a research labratory who wants additional climate-controlled sample storage, or are a medical provider who requires that specimens or medications are stored at exacting temperatures, Darwin Chambers has the cold room solution for your Long Island, NY exact needs. With industry-leading features and infinte customization options, our cold rooms are fit for any Long Island, NY application and facility.

Long recognized as a leader in temperature-controlled scientific chambers, Darwin Chambers products are trusted by all sorts of Long Island, NY firms for multiple applications. We build our cold rooms in the USA with the latest technologies. Our cold rooms are constructed to better your expectations and have foolproof controls, energy-efficient design, and are supported by an elite team of technicians. If you do not require a new cold room, we also specialize in rebuilding existing Long Island, NY cold rooms to today’s standards.

With more than fifteen years’ experience and thousands of satisfied customers, Darwin Chambers is eager to help you meet your Long Island, NY cold storage requirements. Phone our team today at 314-534-3111, or contact us online to ask for a quote and find out more about how we can help you with your new Long Island, NY cold room.

Why Choose Darwin Chambers Cold Rooms?

For over two decades, Darwin Chambers has been renowned as a disruptive leader in temperature-controlled storage technology for Long Island, NY industrial applications, academic facilities, and many other industries where keeping materials at specific temperatures is a crucial undertaking. Dating back to our introduction of the first thermostatically-cooled stability chamber 15 years ago, we have constantly worked to provide our Long Island, NY customers cutting-edge stability rooms and chambers. Institutions, businesses, and laboratories around the world trust Darwin Chambers products for their cold storage requirements because our cold rooms are built to always be state-of-the-art.

Our cold rooms can be constructed in any size space in Long Island, NY and in any layout. All our cold rooms are fitted with 4 to 6 inches of polyurethane foam insulated panels. This ensures a high degree of temperature uniformity: +/- .5°C or better throughout the room. Darwin cold rooms feature our Precision Fluid Temperature Control unit, utilizing a combination of refrigerants and glycol/water heat exchange technologies. This allows for the conditioner to be easily removed, replaced, or relocated, because it connects with easy-to-use water connectors. We also feature oversized evaporator fan coils that ensure you do not have to defrost your unit if temperatures are raised to more than 4°C. Each and every Darwin Chambers room is built to exceed ICH and FDA standards, and they are also CSA (UL equivalent)-certified for product safety.

We partner with all our Long Island, NY clients to meet their needs from the design phase through to final calibration. For facilities who do not need a fully custom cold room solution, our Quick Ship Program allows them to select from a selection of pre-engineered units. Those rooms will be delivered to Long Island, NY within fifteen business days of your order, guaranteed. We also are aware that some Long Island, NY customers do not need a completely new cold room, but rather an upgrade to a current facility. Maybe your room no longer meets energy efficiency goals, or was built by a vendor that has since gone defunct. Our engineers can take your Long Island, NY cold room and renovate it into a modern, energy-saving space at a fraction of the outlay of purchasing a new room.

Darwin Chambers Cold Rooms – Built With You In Mind

Once constructed, Long Island, NY users can be sure that their Darwin Chambers cold room will be simple to use, easy to service, and easy on the budget. Our cold rooms come standard with easy-to-use, non-proprietary Fuji Electric controls. But, if you are adding a cold room on to an existing system that operates on its own control system, we are able to add your new cold room onto that system. If your cold room requires repairs, Darwin Chambers cold rooms are designed so that Long Island, NY technicians can perform service with no need for system interruption or down-time.

We are proud to offer an industry-leading suite of options that add extra value onto your Long Island, NY cold room installation. While our rooms come equipped with aluminum interiors and galvanized steel exteriors, we can build your cold room using custom materials that match your Long Island, NY facility’s aesthetic. We offer nearly limitless interior shelving and storage space customization. For those concerned about spreading communicable disease, we can equip your chamber with our unique antimicrobial door handles.

Every Darwin Chambers cold room is made with smooth ceilings, which will help keep your room clean and efficient. Our rooms can be made ADA-accessible at no cost to you, and come fitted with an interior emergency alarm if users are trapped or injured inside a room. With our over-engineered insulation and use of LED interior lighting, our Long Island, NY cold rooms usually require no more than 1000 watts to operate, which saves you money on energy.

Following installation of your cold room, our team of engineers will calibrate it to your exact requirements. We use NIST standards for calibration and give you full documentation like calibration forms and other traceable documents.

Contact The Leader In Cold Room Manufacturing

When Long Island, NY hospitals, research facilities, and laboratories need a cold storage room in their building, they contact Darwin Chambers because they are confident they will always get a high-quality product backed by an experienced team of technicians and support staff. Our Long Island, NY cold rooms are made to provide extreme temperature uniformity and limitless customization options, all while maintaining high levels of energy efficiency. Talk to us today or request a quote, and experience why Darwin Chambers is Long Island, NY’s leading cold room manufacturer.