Laboratory Incubators, Scientific Incubators

Although incubators are thought of as devices for maintaining temperature, classic definition includes humidity and other factors. Added to the complexity, some people use the term incubator, environmental chamber, and stability chamber to mean the same thing.

For our ease of use, you will find Darwin Chambers using the word "incubator" to mean a chamber controlled only with temperature. We use the term "environmental chamber" to indicate a chamber controlled by both temperature and humidity. Generally, there are five classifications of incubators that we supply:

  1. Insect Rearing Chambers are specifically designed for the issues associated with the growth of insects.

  2. Heated and Cooled Laboratory Incubators
    These incubators have a wider range of temperatures. Also, these might be purchased if the role of the chamber might switch in future use - for example from cooler to above ambient temperatures.  We have two types of heated and cooled incubators. The DB series incubators use compressor technology and have temperature ranges of  4°C-60°C. The TE series incubators use thermoelectric technology and have temperature ranges of  20°C-60°C.

  3. Heated only Laboratory Incubators - These incubators would be capable of maintaining temperature above ambient conditions.

  4. Laboratory Refrigerators - No heating capabilities.

  5. Portables - When you're not in the lab.